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Carolina cronyism

American politicians persist in meddling with projects that should not concern them—or us, the people whose money is confiscated to pay for them. We expect this unrelenting spending other-people’s-money (OPM) from “progressives” and cultural Marxists to further visions of government-run … Continue reading

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Feds overreaching power endangers North Carolina

State governors and safety officials discover we are unwilling hosts to tens of thousands of unknown Middle Eastern “refugees” from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, plus many more from who-knows-where, thanks to the arrogant, subversive Obama administration. The identities of these … Continue reading

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The union of once sovereign states- a bad idea

I admire George Will’s intellect and his apparent “conservative” political position—although his writing style comes across as a bit pompous, overdone and sometimes difficult to follow. I read his Washington Post column (when it’s available in local papers) because I … Continue reading

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Federal judicial power: Georgia’s response

http://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/blog/hang-the-usurpers/   Amendment XI to the U. S. Constitution The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens … Continue reading

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Remembering the War Between the States and its aftermath

The commentary by University of North Carolina-Wilmington history Professor Chris E. Fonvielle Jr. titled, “Why the Civil War still matters” published in the Wilmington StarNews last March caught my attention both for his review of some interesting facts, and his … Continue reading

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To secede or not, that is a good question

Increasingly, we read of dissolving the “political bands” which have connected people to a larger state entity. Last week Scots voted on the issue of disbanding from the United Kingdom—as it turns out not so united. A slight majority agreed … Continue reading

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Minimum wage laws continuing a war between States

“It is the central task for all of us to build an economy that works for everybody.” ___Barack Obama The words above could have come from Marxist propaganda, but, unbelievably, they were spoken by an American president. Pres. Obama uttered … Continue reading

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