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Giving back and giving up

One of the euphemisms frequently heard from social justice promoters these days is giving back. Presumably this assumes that some people have unfairly taken something from others and, thus, should return some of it. Adults volunteering freely and willingly of … Continue reading

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Push back against political activists

At the site below George Leef of the North Carolina Martin Center for Academic Renewal makes the case against activists who want to distort federal law to use it as a political tool for their misguided and biased agenda.   … Continue reading

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Do women’s “rights” trump men’s?

According to our American Constitution all citizens of the United States have rights enumerated in Amendments.  In 1920 men gave women the right to vote by passing the Nineteenth Amendment. The Constitution does not limit (“deny or disparage”) “others (rights) … Continue reading

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Gathering for peace?

Ironically, American Leftist groups that talk and rally in the name of “peace” include many of those most prone to social aggression; for example: “Black Lives Matter.” Moreover, they usually have other agenda for these rallies designed to disrupt and … Continue reading

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Free college for slackers

Hillary Clinton’s New College “Reforms”

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The fallacies of social justice and public housing

A “Profile” article in a recent issue of the Greater Wilmington Business Journal (www.wilmingtonbiz.com) featured Katrina Redmon, CEO of the Wilmington Housing Authority (WHA). Much of the puff-piece was about Ms. Redmon and her accomplishments as a female: “I’ve been … Continue reading

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The utopian visions of POTUS

In the Forbes link below George Leef of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy in Raleigh, North Carolina points out the audacity and economic damage of government mandated “minimum wage” and other federal “free stuff” leading to a dysfunctional … Continue reading

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