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Slavery commission report (a parody)

Washington| The final report of the Slavery Commission established by Congress in 2017 was released this week. The Congressional Black Caucus formed a 20-member group made up of prominent black politicians chaired by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Cal. Every Democrat in … Continue reading

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Don’t care much about history

The reputation of the region of the United States below the Potomac today suffers from (the) same forces from which the Middle Ages suffered at the hands of historians during the Enlightenment. Chroniclers of Southern history often do not grasp … Continue reading

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Perpetrators of pathological racism in America

Efforts to seek and identify racism in America have become pathological with some people—a deviation from normalcy manifesting behavior that is habitual and compulsive. An unknown mental affliction seems to drive them toward irrationality. They find racism in every nook … Continue reading

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Self-righteous, historically ignorant editors

A recent editorial in the Dallas Morning News (reprinted in the Wilmington, North Carolina StarNews) attempts to “place Confederate statues in context” by revising history (link below). The “context,” of course, is how the editors see history now—a politically motivated … Continue reading

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