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Environmentalists need to understand humanity, not economics

Steven Horwitz writing at the Foundation for Economic Education for an esoteric audience under the headline “Why Environmentalists Need to Understand Economics”—few people understand economics, or care to (of course, they should); and no rational person understands environmentalists (they don’t … Continue reading

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Alinsky in La-La Land

The loony Leftists and recruited Useful Idiots “chant and sing” to protest President Trump’s actions he promised “to make America safe again.” These people organized by Marxist radicals assemble with their revolutionary signs and big mouths. In still-life photos they … Continue reading

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Bipartisan or bipolar?

People in the Carolina Journal discuss the idea of a “bipartisan” political relationship between Democrats and Republicans in North Carolina. (Link below) Surely they jest. Bipartisanship is something supported by members of two political parties. Quick; can anyone think of … Continue reading

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Another nonstarter press story creating “news”

Ho Hum! Another slow day in the Newsroom. Editor: “Hey, Cammie, I need a space-filler. How about another Trump-story? Pain, suffering, bullying—you know, the usual stuff about the nasty election and harassment of Hispanics and Muslims. Make it look bad.” … Continue reading

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The hypocritical hysteria about sex talk

The hysteria of the Left about some long ago private sex (“locker room”) talk by Donald Trump and his buddies and the generated media frenzy is juvenile and laughable—another example of why these pathetic people have little credibility and can’t … Continue reading

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Activist judges with political agenda

Civitas President Calls Fourth Circuit Voter ID Decision “Outrageous”

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Giving away our money

I’ve previously said this, politicians have an erroneous propensity to violate fiducial responsibilities by giving away the public’s money—confiscated by the police power of the state—to charities that they arbitrarily decide deserve it more than those who earned it. This … Continue reading

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