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Politics, potty-training and blackmail

Conservative talk-show hosts often refer to progressives’ “bed wetting,” or “soiling themselves”—alluding to their infantile uncontrollable reactions when they don’t get their way and their irrational behavior over words and actions by adults on the political Right. Such has been … Continue reading

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Repeal the political Left

True to form and fantasy the Wilmington StarNews Editorial Board demands that the North Carolina State legislature (General Assembly) repeal the infamous “Bathroom Bill” HB2—“and fast.” Why? Because “North Carolina could be shut out of many major sports events for … Continue reading

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North Carolina and gender dysphoria

A small number of North Carolinians and outside agitators for the past year have been obsessed over people with the mental disorder “gender dysphoria”—the unknown numbers (but probably very few) of those who think they have intense, persistent gender nonconformity, … Continue reading

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