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The abuse of science

The dregs of the Obama administration and its willing dupes in politics, academia and media pursue unrelenting, egregious attacks on President Trump and his cabinet members. (Link below) Some of the most vituperative assaults come from those with visceral hatred … Continue reading

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The evils of “administrative law”

George Leef with the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy in Raleigh, North Carolina often writes atĀ Forbes and other places about the damage done to our culture and economy by overreaching government officials. One flagrant example he cites in the … Continue reading

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Environmental high costs and low benefits

Rogue environmental activists deeply entrenched in the federal Environmental Protection Agency keep digging American citizens deeper into their black holes. Encouraged/supported/mandated by radicals in the Obama administration EPA operatives run amok with increasingly punishing and unabated regulations. For example, Obama … Continue reading

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