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The abuse of science

The dregs of the Obama administration and its willing dupes in politics, academia and media pursue unrelenting, egregious attacks on President Trump and his cabinet members. (Link below) Some of the most vituperative assaults come from those with visceral hatred … Continue reading

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Is sustainability sustainable?

sus-tain-a-ble  adj. 1. Capable of being sustained. It’s a simple English word with a clear meaning, but as with other words it has been euphemistically co-opted by evangelical activists to help convert students and gullible others to the religion of … Continue reading

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The perilous Endangered Species Act

A front-page story in the Wilmington StarNews print edition, titled in large print: “Shorebird in peril,” alerts us to a manmade human peril, the federal Endangered Species Act administered by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Environmentalists in cahoots … Continue reading

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Misguided political priorities

New Hanover County, North Carolina has the usual “challenges” created or enabled largely by our political class: overspending, incurred debt, failing schools, crumbling infrastructure and urban gang violence. So, how is one of our State representatives spending legislative time in … Continue reading

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