Repeal the political Left

True to form and fantasy the Wilmington StarNews Editorial Board demands that the North Carolina State legislature (General Assembly) repeal the infamous “Bathroom Bill” HB2—“and fast.” Why?

Because “North Carolina could be shut out of many major sports events for a long, long time.” (1st Link below)

Editorialists side with “Gender Terrorists” and extortionists in sports associations. This week the N. C. Sports Association threatened the State legislators with shutting down major sports events scheduled in the State. The NCAA, ACC and NBA also are pushing to blackmail the General Assembly by moving games out of State.

Of course, the real target of the Editorial Board (and the blackmailers) is our conservative State legislators who represent a majority of North Carolinians. The Board calls HB2 exhibit A of “bad-idea bills” despite the fact that 80 percent of the people here believe that the State rather than local government (in this case Charlotte) “should be setting the standards regarding anti-discrimination measures.” (2nd Link below)

As one writer sees it: “The Great Bathroom Kerfluffle was a brilliant strategy devised by the LGBTQ Gender Terrorists to overthrow the Republican majority in the NCGA” ( And they, with the Board’s cheering, helped (with lies and distortions) to replace Republican Governor Pat McCrory with a Democrat—by a narrow margin.

Pete Kaliner, a North Carolina radio journalist, has an honest, but cynical perspective on this political dispute:

The NCAA is telling every participant in its (business) model—every student in every program; every taxpayer funding every state college; every elected official; and every fan—that unless they adopt what the NCAA says should be a new societal (sexual) norm, then the NCAA will punish them. Even more morally bankrupt, the NCAA uses the extorted’s own money, talent, and time to do so. (3rd Link below)

That’s all fine with the Wilmington StarNews Editorial Board—as long as they can score negative points against conservative legislators.

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Focusing on power in Washington

Angry Leftist E. J. Dionne has a burr under the saddle on the donkey he rides while typing commentary for the Democrat Party at the Washington Post. He is incensed about a lack of bipartisanship over President Trump’s nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, for supreme Court justice (our Constitution does not capitalize the word supreme).

Mr. Dionne claims he understands political posturing as practiced by “Republicans and conservatives.” But he apparently has no recollection of Democrat dissimulation—practiced in virtually everything they say and do. As talk-show host Chris Plante says: “When they’re talkin’, they’re lyin’.” Dionne cites the case last year of Obama’s Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, when Senate Republicans would not give him a hearing.

Finally, conservatives were pleased that Republicans had the fortitude to stand for America’s interest against Democrat deceit.

Dionne explains why he thinks Republicans are duplicitous: “They are focused on power and who will wield it.” Really? Not so, E. J.

For decades established Republicans have not been interested in wielding power, they have been satisfied in sharing a little of it with Democrats—fearful of being called defamatory names and being vilified by the “mainstream” media. Or under the illusion that Democrats would work with them.

Statist Democrats refer to all who oppose their schemes as “enemies.” You can’t play games of appeasement and “get along” with people who are avowed adversaries; they must be defeated. Ask the Israelis how their decades of concessions to the violent, hateful Arabs within their country have worked out for them.

Apparently, Dionne hasn’t noticed that Washington politics is all about who has power. But during the past eight years the Republican Party has put up weak-kneed presidential candidates who were afraid to confront the arrogant Marxist Barack Obama. And congressional Republicans didn’t do much to block his subversive agenda—a few brave “Tea Party” souls tried but they were outnumbered by the entrenched gang who went-along-to-get-along.

So far, it appears that President Trump will not allow the dishonest, sanctimonious Democrats to play him for a sucker with their phony “bipartisanship” talk (If they’re, talkin’ they’re lyin’).

Trump is a winner and will not tolerate anyone trying to sabotage his plans—the reason he was elected by most of the American electorate. He’s neither a traditional Republican nor politician, so we may often be surprised at what he says, what he does and how he does it. One thing seems sure; this new kind of president in town won’t let the Dems push him around with their mendacious quest for power in Washington.

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Alinsky in La-La Land

The loony Leftists and recruited Useful Idiots “chant and sing” to protest President Trump’s actions he promised “to make America safe again.” These people organized by Marxist radicals assemble with their revolutionary signs and big mouths. In still-life photos they remind us of Zombies in a press-promoted appeal to anti-Americans.

These “public outcry” demonstrations are carefully planned and come from the “Tactics” chapter in Saul D. Alinsky’s 1989 book, “Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals.” Of course, it’s easy to indoctrinate and recruit left-leaning people into revolutionary activities because they live in illusion—an erroneous perception of reality.

They remind me of “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground,” by Lewis Carroll, published in 1862; “half dream, half nightmare.” After falling down a rabbit hole seven-year-old Alice seeks answers to strange happenings from several bizarre characters. Rather than being enlightened, she gets only illogical “parody or pun” from the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the King and Queen of Hearts.

Alinsky provides his leftist acolytes with concrete ways to promote Marxism beyond its traditional materialistic process of change through the conflict of opposing forces. “Here,” he writes, “our concern is with the tactic of taking: how the Have-Nots can take power away from the Haves.” Note how the Left always seeks to “take” from others, by whatever means they can. Jealousy, resentment and hatred of those who have achieved more in life underpin their miserable motives.

Some of Alinsky’s tactics we can observe in contemporary “news” is promoted by mainstream media. He illustrates tactics: “…if you have organized a vast, mass-based people’s organization, you can parade it visibly before the enemy (my underline) and openly show your power. The recent Women’s’ March in Washington, D.C. is an example of this tactic.

If the organization is small, writes Alinsky, “conceal the members in the dark but raise a din and clamor that will make the listener believe that your organization numbers many more than it does.” The recent tiny Revolutionary Black Panther rally in Wilmington, N. C. illustrates this tactic—again, in collusion with the local press.

Alinsky has rules for power tactics. First rule: “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have (e.g. homosexuals comprise less than 3 percent of the population, but their lobbyists and supporters promote the lie that they include a huge number of humans in the population). The “enemy” is traditional, normal Americans.

Another Alinsky rule: “Wherever possible go outside of the experience of the enemy.” Here you want to cause confusion, fear and retreat. For example, Alinsky notes that during the War for Southern Independence, Union General Sherman suspended the internationally accepted rules of war: The South confronted with this new form of military invasion—soldiers “loose and living on the land”—reacted with confusion, panic, terror, and collapse. The Union won by waging terrorism on Southern American civilians. Naturally, Alinsky would favor this tactic.

There are other Alinsky rules: “Keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”

“The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”

“In a fight almost anything goes.”

Following the thinking of Saul Alinsky is much like following Alice down the rabbit hole. The reasoning may make sense to his subversive ends, but its purpose is to confuse, mislead and terrify the normal, rational people in America. Unfortunately, he has many followers, including the American mainstream media.

North Carolinian, Dr. Boyd Cathey, has more to say about this at the site below:


CONSERVATIVE CRACK-UP Series: Part 289: Immigration and Executive Orders Mirror the Global Battle We are In (January 31, 2017)





This morning, for Part 289 of CONSERVATIVE CRACK-UP, two follow ups regarding President Trump’s Executive Order on vetting travelers from seven countries that had been previously designated by the Obama administration as centers of Islamic terrorism (i.e., Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Somalia). As the media generally has been flooding the airwaves with nearly non-stop coverage and information, what I would like to do here is offer some slightly different perspectives, views and information, that perhaps you may not have received if  you’ve been watching Fox, or, certainly CNN (AKA, Communist News Network) and MSNBC (AKA, Mostly Socialist News Broadcasting Company).


First, from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), one of this nation’s most respected immigration control organizations, I pass on a detailed analysis of exactly what the Order contains. So much has been said, indeed, volumes of on-air verbiage, without specifically detailing the points  included in the president’s decision.


Let it be said here that the order is undoubtedly legal, within the purview of presidential executive powers under Federal law and the Constitution. The threatened legal challenges by the ACLU and various hysterical Left wing attorneys, not to mention the teary-eyed threats of demagogues like Senator Chuck Schumer  and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, are little more than extremist political posturing to their discombobulated base.  Such challenges are meant to arouse the Leftist and culturally Marxist fringes and continue the billionaire  globalist  George Soros’ efforts to undermine and, if possible, wreck the presidency of President Trump.


All of the daily street demonstrations on this issue or on that issue; all of the ranting, tears, threats, and jeremiads by the Leftist hacks of the Mainstream Media (MSM), by Schumer, Pelosi, not to mention the “murmurs of dissent” by Senators McCain and Graham—all of these efforts must be placed into the context of the ongoing attempt to, let us state it clearly, “overthrow” President Trump and his agenda.


You see, the culturally Marxist Left, the MSM, the establishment, as I have written previously, does not actually believe in what we think of as “the republican system of government.” Under  Establishment governance as we have had, people vote ONLY to confirm just how rapidly the Progressivist Revolution moves forward. Thus, the Establishment GOP in DC acts some times as a very weak brake on the steadily advancing Revolution and the affirmation of the oncoming New World Order. But most times it acts as an enabler, simply solemnizing the next conquest of the Progressivists in their continuing move of the narrative to the Left. Thus, it has, despite the overwhelming disapproval by the voters, gone along with same sex marriage, gone along with canonizing transgenderism, gone along with glorifying feminism,  gone along with outright socialism in both business and government,  and  gone along withcontrolling the minutiae of our everyday lives, both in our business and our private lives.


Underneath it all there is an immense battle going on, an actual war, that is percolating upwards. We are no longer just in a cultural war, a war that we believed we had lost to Hollywood and the Progressivist educational elites; no, the election of Donald Trump, a veritable bull-in-the-china shop, has totally upset what George Bernard Shaw once called “the apple cart.”


And what is ironic is that very probably President Trump has not read that deeply about the various profound  philosophical  questions  involved. Yet, his instincts are the same instincts of millions of American citizens, we “deplorables,” we Americans once identified by the late Samuel Francis as “Middle American Radicals,” who have been left behind as the onrushing Progressivist Revolution swept away most of our beloved traditional institutions, attacked our essential beliefs, brainwashed our children, sent our jobs to China and Mexico, and sent our young men to fight in the deserts of Somalia or mountains of Bosnia to impose “liberal democracy,” lesbianism, and all the fruits of same sex marriage and Hollywood on peoples who did not and do not wish those “benefits.”


Thus it is for us to realize that in this situation it is the Progressivists—the MSM (that Steve Bannon correctly identifies as “the oppostion”), the Democrats, Hollywood, the educational plutocrats, the GOP elites and Neoconservative establishmentarians—that is, the Elites who condescendingly claim to rule and control this nation and who wish to continue the Revolution towards a New World Order—it is they who understand the danger that President Trump AND WE present to them. And that is why they’ve got their camp followers out in the streets, financed  with millions of dollars by George Soros, with wall-to-wall coverage by the MSM. They see what Joe Biden saw and hysterically reported to the meeting of the globalists at Davos, Switzerland (as I reported in a recent CCrack-Up)—the “Trump Counter-revolution” could upset their apple cart, throw a monkey wrench into their ongoing march to a New World Order. Biden actually used those words.


The English classical musician, Sir Simon Rattle, in some fascinating programs on the state of  European society and culture at the beginning of the 20th century, states that Europe was then “sitting on the edge of a volcano.” The same, I would suggest, confronts us now. We have reached a dramatic cross roads. Our enemies, once so certain of their eventual triumph, now hysterically react to a potential road block; they not only have not given up, they have redoubled their efforts, and those efforts include anything, ANYTHING.


Their previously friendly masks of “tolerance” and “equanimity” have been cast aside, revealing the Satanic grimace on their  collective faces. They stand now in the sunlight as Evil, defenders of a Revolution against traditional Western AND Christian civilization that has been always with us, for twenty centuries.


They must be opposed and struck down, and it is up to us to both understand this and take all appropriate action. The Children of the Darkness are often smarter than the Children of the Light; but the Children of the Light have one significant advantage, and that is the Wisdom and Grace that may come to them from a Just God, to enable them to wage the necessary warfare to which they are called.


The second item mirrors, in microcosm, this conflict during the first days of the administration of President Trump. It is by Pat Buchanan….and, once again, let state one of the proudest times of my life was when I chaired his 1991-1992 presidential campaign here in North Carolina. And in a sense I see the actions and agenda of President Trump as a kind of fulfillment  of the vision of my long time friend.


Read on and pass on.

Dr. Boyd D. Cathey

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Do women’s “rights” trump men’s?

According to our American Constitution all citizens of the United States have rights enumerated in Amendments.  In 1920 men gave women the right to vote by passing the Nineteenth Amendment.

The Constitution does not limit (“deny or disparage”) “others (rights) retained by the people.” But special rights were never intended for noncitizens. And Rights belong to individuals, not demographic groups. No legal American citizen is denied constitutional rights.

One of many vague and confusing aspects of demands for new “rights” by women begs the question: why do they demand special rights? One, sanctioned by the federal court,—the so-called right to kill their unborn babies—is barbaric and immoral. Millions are slaughtered simply as a birth control method. Birth of an unwanted child poses an inconvenience to some women’s lifestyles.

Provider of abortions, Planned Parenthood, was established to practice eugenics—improving the racial quality of the population by selective breeding. This vile organization supplies 30-40 percent of all abortions (324,000 each year) in the U. S. (


Often some women don’t seem to know what they want, and become emotionally irrational about it.

Recently, a Wilmington StarNews article described a small rally in old downtown Wilmington to mimic the 500,000 Women’s March in Washington, D. D. on President Trump’s first full day in office. (Link below)

Makenzie Holland, StarNews staff writer, interviewed some women who attended the rally. Cassidy Lamb, one of the speakers, said that the phrase “It’s not just a moment, it’s a movement…resonated” with her.

She may have gotten this idea from President Donald Trump who called “Make America Great Again” a movement—just as the conservative “Tea Party” is a movement; both successful. I predict women’s marches won’t be, despite Lamb’s wanting “to keep the momentum going.” They are not based on acceptable American values.

Facebook posts advise that these women “stay vigilant” and “let your voice be heard.” That assumes some of them are alert and have something to say; not evident in this newspaper article.

Ms. Lamb doesn’t seem to know what’s going on. She’s been writing and calling her representatives; about what, we don’t know. Oh, and she’d “really like to learn more about organizations (what kind?) in town and how me and my family can get involved.”

Local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President Deborah Maxwell predicted that “keeping contact and keeping informed” and “educating the public” (about what?) is the key to keep momentum going. Educating and spreading false propaganda are quite different processes.

And, of course, the women are “reaching out” to congressional representatives, said Roberta Penn, an organizer of the march. She says they are responsible to tell what they want and “protesting when they don’t get it.” This sounds like a child-parent relationship.

Maxwell said the Wilmington women were diverse and “were there for a united cause.” Based on this article, I have no idea what the “cause” was. Why were these women marching?  I doubt that any of them know. I suspect they have been stirred up by professional leftist organizers to rally and protest whenever they are told—regardless the politically generated social justice issue.

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Draining the swamp and cleaning house

President Trump has vowed to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C. That will be a big job because for 150 years politicians have created such a massive federal wetland in the Potomac basin that a huge amount of drainage will be necessary. The new president will need a lot of help. The Trump administration will also have to “clean house”—sweep buildings around the swamp cluttered with corruption and dirty with deception.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, has written a book, “Clean House: Exposing Our Government’s Secrets and Lies” that could help the Trump people carry out the campaign promises the president made.

On Election Day last Mr. Fitton sent out a letter with a “2017 Presidential Petition of Support”—expecting President Trump to live up to his campaign promises and asking voters to sign it.

Judicial Watch ( is a nonpartisan legal organization operating from within “the swamp.” They fight official corruption and work to “ensure transparency and a government that is (should be) accountable to the citizens of the United States.” Their aim is to stop government corruption by exposing it.

Judicial Watch sent more than three thousand requests to the Obama administration under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Many were unanswered. The JD organization filed more than 300 lawsuits to get the administration to comply with its requests for information and documents. Federal agencies put up “hurdles and stonewalled even the most basic FOIA requests.” In addition the Obama administration mislead JD and federal judges by claiming that records did not exist that actually did exist, or by not conducting legally required searches.

Candidate Trump promised he would never lie to the American people. I think he is an honest man and he has selected trustworthy men and women for his cabinet. Still, we will have to be patient for him to carry out all his campaign promises. Swamps are not easy to drain—and houses take time to clean.

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North Carolina and gender dysphoria

A small number of North Carolinians and outside agitators for the past year have been obsessed over people with the mental disorder “gender dysphoria”—the unknown numbers (but probably very few) of those who think they have intense, persistent gender nonconformity, and an emotional state characterized by distress.

These people claim, and the press perpetuates the idea, that State legislation (“HB2”) “excludes gender identity and sexual orientation from statewide antidiscrimination protections.” Yes, these people should be protected—in psychiatric facilities.

Most educated, rational people understand that biological science has identified two sexes in the animal Kingdom: male and female—we don’t get to choose the one we are assigned at birth.

Yet the activist homosexual lobby wants normal people to accept the idea that “transgender” people, who identify as something different than their biological birth sex (gender dysphoria), should be able to use whichever public bathroom they choose—leaving women and girls potentially exposed in their private places to men posing as women.

This situation has generated comments from many people in the State, and elsewhere—mostly political activists bent on trying (unsuccessfully) to make North Carolina look like an undesirable place to live. (Link below) The latest comes from, of all places, the newly appointed University of North Carolina President Margaret Spellings.

With all due respect, she doesn’t know what she talks about in an Associated Press article that tries to make her seem that she does. (Link below printed above the fold on the front page of the Wilmington StarNews) The idea behind this story is that because of House Bill 2 candidates for university employment won’t move here. Bunk.

Spellings says “I know people have withdrawn their candidacy,” in an AP interview this week. Yet in the same paragraph she says she doesn’t know how many, or what effect they had, or if they used the “Bathroom” issue as an excuse for not moving to the State anyway. “We’ll never know,” she said.

Right, but the press will use people like you, Ms. Spellings, to make it appear that they do.

Later, commenting on the State legislature, Spellings said, “They believe it’s had some unintended consequences for the state.” Of course it has. Every piece of government legislation has “unintended consequences.” But this has been blown way out of reality.

Well, thanks for your knowledge and insight Ms. Spellings. If this is a sample of what you will offer UNC, in my opinion, we could have saved a lot of money by leaving your position vacant.

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Fighting for freedom from corrupt government

About half of the American population seems oblivious to deceit and false witness of the political Left. Worse, many of them support its vindictive and subversive political candidates. They are not above committing voter fraud and promoting fake news to accomplish their corrupt ends.

In the Tar Heel State one organization vows to stand and “FIGHT for the people of North Carolina!”—that is the Civitas Institute. We conservatives have a group on which we can rely to defend our values. And, it’s a “conservative force to be reckoned with!”

These words recently appeared in a letter to members from Civitas President Francis X. De Luca, a retired Marine Corps colonel. Obviously, he was asking for more support; which is needed and deserved.  Rather than being a “think tank,” these people “step out from behind the numbers, the research, and the white papers” to actually fight evil forces of the political Left.

Dozens of foundations, legal groups and organized street activists operate in this State to undermine American values, constitutional law and conservative government. (– see “Mapping the Left”)

One Civitas program established to fight back is its Center for Law and Freedom. Two lawsuits have been filed in North Carolina; one against Same Day Registration where votes are counted without verification of the voters’ eligibility, and the other to account for Governor-Elect Roy Cooper’s “dubious connections with liberal activist groups.” Civitas has “cold hard evidence of abuses of the system, aided and abetted by liberal legislators, activists and judges who grease the skids to steal votes” in the State.

The new State Attorney General, Josh Stein—like his predecessor Roy Cooper—is expected to give public money to far Left and radical environmental groups, according to the Civitas letter. Civitas has helped to defund “parasitic” Leftists in this State.

Col. De Luca bluntly and forcefully states how vital it is to stop voter fraud:

If you and I can’t fix North Carolina’s corrupt, fraud-promoting election laws, we may as well pack up and go home.

Of course, if that happened the Leftists would have little strong opposition in this State.

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