Letter to Duke University

President Price:

I’m writing because your public letter about purging Confederate monuments from your campus said you welcomed our “thoughts about how Duke can best address the troubling events of the past few months,”—namely the regional hysteria and violence by groups who hate the Southern people and want to pull down all their historic monuments. Some of your words used academic jargon that, in my opinion, will lead to more conflict and violence.

The people behind this purification do not want to “learn” about our history; they want to rid us of it. And a “more inclusive future” at Duke will simply add fuel to the racial fire, especially if you present a “careful and unvarnished understanding” of our history. We already have a selective and whitewashed—It’s-all-about-slavery—version of the Confederate States of America secession period. That’s why we have the problem now. Unfortunately, the multiculturalism-inspired “hate groups” largely reside on university campuses.

Although I’m not an alumus of Duke I’ve always had respect for your once great university—founded by good Christian people who taught classic higher education and right from wrong. They expected the student body to act and present themselves with civility. My alma mater, Syracuse University, was also founded by Methodists. In the 1950s we were expected to be serious and civil while at the university. The administration and faculty demanded it or we were thrown out.

I was dismayed to learn that thuggish vandals had literally defaced the revered statute of Robert E. Lee in your sacred Chapel. Worse, your cowardly actions in response were unforgivable. Instead of guarding the Chapel and vigorously pursuing the vandals for prosecution, it was reported that you secretly removed the Lee statue late at night and hid it somewhere—after you “saw the emotional reactions across the nation to criticism of Confederate statues.”

It’s not surprising that feelings override conscious effort on your campus. That seems to define “education” in these times.

The only consolation to this feckless behavior is that the image of a great American hero and Southern gentleman is no longer exposed to the desecration, hatred and violence of the kind of people inhabiting your campus.

It’s sad that you choose to appease vandals and allow criminal activity; as though you have no power to provide “safety and security” on your campus—a bad excuse for abdication of responsibility, and a bad example to your student body.

Your vice president for public affairs seemed to indicate that the Duke administration operates in response to coercion, rather than standing for what’s right based on historic American values. He implied that Duke leaders are reluctant to enter the debate about “history and memory…that is raging now across the country.”

Are you aware that we are not in debate; we’re in a cultural war declared by modern Marxists? They irrationally attack those of us who defend our history and culture from which no discussion is allowed.

You can create commissions, seek advice, put exhibits in your library, organize campus conversations, “explore” Duke’s history, teach about “injustice,” and gaze at your “core values,” but, ultimately you have only two choices:

Placate the destructive enemies of America on the Left and let them control you, or have the courage to reject them and follow the principles upon which this country and Duke University were founded.

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Evil is as evil does

Most commentators on the event at Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday—planned to be a peaceful protest about city officials’ arbitrary decision to remove a statue of historically revered General Robert E. Lee—first qualify their virtue by condemning Klan members, “white supremacists,” and neo-Nazis.

Press reporters and commentators rarely define these terms, identify the participants or interview the people to determine their beliefs. But they always assume them to be bad people who “hate” non-whites. Whatever symbols or apparel are shown defines the intent. For example if anyone dares hold a Confederate battle flag, it’s certainly a racist.

The “Unite for Right” rally turned riotous because a larger anti-Right gang showed up to confront the original permitted people. One young man in the estimated gathering of 1500 people did an evil thing resulting in the death of a young woman—for which we hope he will pay dearly. It doesn’t matter who he identifies with.

Some others, unrestrained by the police, engaged in hand-to-hand combat using whatever self-defense tools were available; except guns. If some people had guns, not a shot was reported fired.

I’ve read and heard a lot of accounts of this event, but I still don’t know why the fight started or who threw the first punch—or even who the combatants were. It’s as though all this massive commentary by every political pundit on every news show in the country during the past week came from one source. The accounts I’ve read are suspiciously similar and leave many questions unanswered.

Aside from the racially- charged identifiers thrown around with wild assumptions, who were these people? What were their reasons for being there? What are their values? Why did some of them engage in fighting?  Where were the police?

The mainstream press seems suspiciously uncurious about getting answers to these and other questions. Yet many people presume to discuss this event with little evidence of what they are talking about.

There is no evil in simply gathering and debating your beliefs, or even protesting and fighting to defend yourself. Evil comes from actions that are wrong. At this writing we don’t yet know who was on the wrong side of this rally, but we do know some of the usual suspects based on their previous aggressive and violent activities at other rallies and on college campuses.

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Letter to Mitt Romney

Mr. Romney,

I voted for you when you ran against Barack Obama for president—not because you were the “white guy” but because you were the capitalist (running against a Marxist); pro-American (opposing an anti-American); and a decent, moral family man. On several occasions since, however, you have disappointed me.

First, you lost to Obama, I think, because you didn’t have the courage or will to expose him for what he really was as opposed to how he fooled the voters with his looks and rhetoric. It’s difficult to believe that you didn’t know the truth about him.

Given the difficult, courageous task it would have been to tell the American people about that charlatan (and probably being intimidated by his blackness) I guess I will give you a pass on that—you just weren’t enough of a patriot to be up to that service to our country. It was a sad time for America.

Next, when Mr. Trump won you attacked him publically in an unbecoming vindictive rant. You made it clear that you were part of the “establishment” Republicans and “never Trump” people who would not support his efforts to help our country recover from the damage Obama and his subversive administration did.

You failed most Americans looking for a strong leader to oppose the Leftists intent on destroying this country.  But in 2012 you actively sought Trump’s endorsement and received it. This exposed a weakness in your character that was not expected—clearly being interested more in a government career than in protecting us against evil.

Finally, recently you responded critically to Trump’s comments on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12. My criticism of Trump’s initial words on this problem was that he seemed to read a prepared statement commenting before he really knew the conditions at the rally event—much as you do in your statement.

Both of you fell into the media trap of saying what they want to hear (or what someone thinks they want to hear), rather than investigate the truth and then comment honestly—appeasing your enemies on the Left is a bad habit many of you so-called Republicans have developed. No matter what you say they will always attack you and you don’t have the guts to stand up to them. I’m surprised that you haven’t learned this by now.

Trump has that intestinal fortitude when he does not listen to people such as you.

In your Tweet you say that Trump’s Charlottesville statements “caused racists to rejoice, minorities to weep, and the vast heart of America to mourn”—pathetic melodrama. Trump didn’t cause any of that phony angst.

I won’t belabor the point. Readers can look up everything he said, including condemning “all forms of violence, bigotry and hatred.” He also called for national unity; which is impossible as long as the radical Leftists continue to create confrontations and chaos in attempts to tear this country apart. Unfortunately, you and many of the establishment Republicans serve as “useful idiots” to them.

The actual racists mostly hang out in the Democrat Party. Hillary lost partly because of playing Identity Politics; championing victim groups and rejecting policies best for all Americans.

Your attempt to create racial tensions between the American military, our allies, racial groups and President Trump is inexcusable. I don’t recall that you ever publically denounced Obama when he condemned police officers and sided with violent criminal groups such as Black Lives Matter.

It’s arrogant of you to presume to know all the players, their motives and their actions at Charlottesville; those stories haven’t yet been written. But I’ll bet that you are wrong to write that “racists are 100% to blame for murder and violence in Charlottesville”—and if they are America’s enemies on the Left will have started it. Keep in mind that historically Nazis were the National Socialist Party in Europe.

You are a fool to demand that President Trump is wrong and should apologize. He has no reason to apologize to his enemies—they will only hate him more. And your moral authority on any of this has long dissipated.

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The evil syndicate

While the press and pundits play Twitter-twaddle with President Trump and desperately try to get him to say what they want to hear—or not, a loose affiliation of political gangsters control a large subversive enterprise in and around The Swamp. The group ranges from high level government officials and media people to activist street thugs; their goal: to loot, discredit and destroy (“transform”) America. Some of their names are well known:

Barack ‘catfish’ Obama; Hillary ‘the leech’ Clinton; Chuck ‘the snake’ Schumer; Nancy ‘the weasel’ Pelosi; Elizabeth ‘the moccasin’ Warren; Bernie ‘the bear’ Sanders; Big George ‘gator’ Soros, and many others that connive to rid Americans of our history, culture and wealth—tactics used by other cultural utopians in the former Soviet Union, Chairman Mao’s China and Castro’s Cuba.

Because people rebel against central planning, theft and corruption eventually they must be suppressed with totalitarian government: arrest of dissenters, reeducation programs, imprisonment and death are ultimately the penalties for allowing these people to control us, destroy our monuments, purge our religion and collapse the family structure. The Swamp dwellers are well on their way to making this happen in America.

William J. Murray’s 2016 book, “Utopian Road to Hell,” includes a chapter titled, “The Cultural Utopians”—describing a cast of characters that have schemed to overthrow our constitutional system during the past 100 years. Murray writes: “These individuals…have typically rejected our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage and have worked to replace it with a humanistic morality based on such concepts as ‘tolerance,’ ‘sexual liberation,’ ‘fairness,’ and ‘social justice’ while actually promoting a political agenda based on Marxist-Leninist ideology.”

Mr. Murray targets a few of these people and groups in topics: Sexual and moral anarchist Margaret Sanger; ACLU founder Roger Baldwin; John Dewey: “Education is propaganda and propaganda is Education”; The new ACLU attacks America; The gentle subversive, “Rachel Carson”; Community organizer: Saul Alinsky; “Gay rights” founder Harry Hay; LSD/drug culture activist Timothy Leary; Shadow government leader: George Soros.

  Soros is worth a few extra words because the anti-American billionaire helps fund many of the subversive projects in America. Soros is “the living and breathing embodiment of the utopian who believes all others can live better lives by living as he intends them to live,” writes Murray.

Soros founded the Open Society Institute (OSI) run by, Aryeh Neier, the founder of the radical Marxist group, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

The OSI “funds dozens of organizations that are dedicated to Soros’s objectives, mainly: legalizing drug use; undermining national sovereignty by creating a borderless world; legalizing homosexual marriages; destroying conservative media outlets; protecting the abortion industry; defending voter fraud; and similar goals.” Soros wants to redistribute America’s wealth to poorer nations through the UN Millennium goals.

The first step toward overcoming evil is to recognize and label it. Most of us instinctively know evil when we see it, but too many people are afraid to confront it, fearful of “public opinion.” That opinion is usually created by a few who are marketing (selling us) evil and the Leftist media that promotes it.

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Pride and Prejudice

Our divided America has been caused in part by ignorance of our history (and by some rejecting it) and has resulted in ill informed and inflammatory rhetoric. I think the Leftist press has been most responsible for this.

Confusion and chaos reign in this forced multicultural society. It was predictable. The recent conflict in Charlottesville, Virginia illustrates damage done by the Obama racist revolution and the backlash to it.

A typist for the Associated Press (Sarah Rankin) recently made her contribution.  “A car plowed into a crowd of people peacefully protesting a white nationalist rally Saturday in a Virginia college town, killing one person, hurting dozens more and ratcheting up tension in an increasingly violent confrontation.” Rankin used the term white nationalist nearly a dozen times in her story.

A day later she wrote another story referring to the event as a white supremacist rally. She associated the 20-year old driver, with a history of schizophrenia, with “one of the hate groups.” A rally group denied any association with him.

First, what’s wrong with “white nationalists”? Nationalism is a devotion to the interests and culture of one’s nation. We white people have a perfect right to rally and honor our culture and history. Why the double standard; bad for whites, good for non-whites?

White people founded this country and established its laws. We take pride in that. Of course, this original “sin” stirs hatred from the Left for no rational reason. Why do they want to tear down our heritage? We wish them no harm.

Specifically, if it’s unacceptable to be a nationalist, why are so many nationalistic groups such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, and the Nation of Islam permitted to rally—and even allowed to riot in the streets?

Furthermore, as I understand it, the protesting rally was called “Unite the Right,” not “White Supremacist.” The leadership got a permit to gather at a park in Charlottesville, after the mayor denied them and the ACLU intervened. About 500 peaceful people showed up to protest the Leftist mayor and city council members’ decision to remove a statue of Confederate hero Robert E. Lee. Twice that number showed up to disrupt the rally.  Was that a coincidence or planned?

Eyewitnesses’ told that the police split the original rally group with barricades, and they were then surrounded by protesters using inflammatory language. When the police vanished the larger group of protesters became confrontational and violent.

Some people suspect the mayor created a “setup” to trap the rally organization and claim they were the bad guys. Reportedly, he (or his staff) arranged for the police not to interfere in the confrontation and, unconcerned, watched the violence from a safe place.

If that is true, he and his accomplices are responsible for the death and injuries that resulted.  We have heard that this activist mayor, last January, declared his city “The Capital of the (Trump) Resistance” and a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens.  (Link below)

Sadly, President Trump and Jeff Sessions, his attorney general, fell into a trap set by the “fake news” and other Leftists (and Republicans). Trump was pressured to “forcefully denounce the organizations that had promoted the protest against the removal of a Confederate statue”—before they knew what this was all about. Remember when Obama jumped to conclusions about police actions?

The day of the rally Sessions announced a “civil rights investigation” into “actions (arising) from racial bigotry and hatred.” We wonder if that will include the mayor of Charlottesville and other Leftists in Virginia for their “bigotry and hatred” against Southern people and their heritage. But I doubt it.



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Psychosis of the Left

Saul Alinsky’s third rule for radicals, in his tactics on “how the Have-Nots can take power away from the Haves,” tells them that “Wherever possible go outside of the experience of the enemy. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.” Note that we—traditional, conservative American majority—are the enemy.

Incidentally, this “rule” has worked quite well on most Republicans in Congress; that’s one reason Trump was elected. With some courageous exceptions they appear to be confused, fearful and in retreat. But the far-Left swing of the Democrats in recent years has also shaken any belief in their rationality, and we now know, or should, that they are an avowed enemy of traditional America.

One of the techniques of this tactic used by our enemies on the Left is to try to apply their evil ways to us. For example: “Republicans want to kill people.” Yet what political group is the real dispenser of death?

Every year in America more than a million abortions are performed; tens of thousands after the twelfth week. In his book, “Marketing Evil,” David Kupelian describes How Lying Marketers Sold America on Unrestricted Abortion. Not long ago abortion was a criminal activity in America, now it’s been sold as “choice.” Certainly, this is horribly “outside of the experience” of many of us and a hallmark achievement of the Left.

Although there are many psychotic people in this country, most of us are well-adjusted, drug-free and normal. The Left uses Alinsky tactics to make us think otherwise—outside of our experience. For example, a recent report titled “A psychological analysis of Trump supporters” shows views of us that are not true to our experience. The report by science writer Bobby Azarian of Raw Story “progressive” online commentary discusses an academic paper by Prof. Thomas Pettigrew from UC Santa Cruz. (Link below)

Pettigrew uses “five major psychological phenomena” to profile Trump’s “uniquely loyal supporters.” I summarize them below:

  • Authoritarian Personality Syndrome– We, the enemy, advocate or enforce “strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom, commonly associated with a lack of concern for the opinions or needs of others.”
  • Social dominance orientation– Related to the above syndrome, we have a preference for the societal hierarchy of groups. Trump appeals to us “by repeatedly making a clear distinction between groups that have a generally higher status in society (code white),” and those groups that typically belong to a lower status (code immigrants and minorities).
  • Prejudice– Many of us have prejudice against ethnic and religious minorities. Trump uses “shockingly direct…dog whistles” that appeal to bigoted supporters when he calls Muslims “dangerous” and Mexicans “rapists.”
  • Intergroup contact– “Trump’s white supporters have experienced significantly less contact with minorities than other Americans.”
  • Relative deprivation– We feel deprived of jobs to which we believe we are entitled, based a skewed perception of what we are entitled to. Our median annual income is $72,000 (apparently the researcher thinks we aren’t “entitled” to any more).

The problem with this Leftist analysis is that it comes from people who don’t understand the conditions and people outside of their cloistered, ivy walls—they don’t know much about life except what the egg-heads get from textbooks and seminars. Most Trump supporters, however, live in the so-called “Real World”—where life is not easy, unsheltered, and has no guaranteed income and benefits.

We live in two different Americas.  Newt Gingrich, in his new book “Understanding Trump” describes how the two sides differ in the way they act in public that indicates the kind of people they are.

  On Friday, the day the president was sworn into office, one America that came to Washington was the country that had been forgotten by most politicians—on both sides of the aisle—and regularly overlooked by the major media outlets.

  These were the people who have watched for years as the federal government has taken and squandered their tax dollars, and made it harder for them to get trained for careers, run their businesses and earn decent livings…

  Then the other America showed up—the one that blocked people from entering checkpoints to the Capitol grounds, harassed Trump supporters, set cars on fire, smashed store-fronts, and hurled rocks at police.

  CNN reported the following day that six police officers were injured and 217 protesters arrested after “ugly street clashes in downtown Washington.”

  On Saturday, the less violent side of that America came. It was made up mostly of people enraged that the Trump-supporting side of America was being paid any attention.

  Much of the news media covered the weekend with nothing short of petty vindictiveness. Instead of pointing out how gracefully the supporters at the Capitol handled being confronted with virulent hate and vulgarity from the Left’s protesters (no Trump supporter were arrested) the media decided to focus on how big the crowd was compared with past inaugurations.

  And this is something that’s important to keep in perspective: Saturday’s coverage was dominated by the crowd-size nonsense, but the day of the inauguration, police arrested left-wing protesters across the country in Washington, DC; New York; Dallas; Chicago; Portland; Seattle; and elsewhere. In Oregon the protesters were armed with clubs, setting fire to American flags, and throwing rocks, bottles, and flares at police, according to local news reports. Protesters at the University of Washington campus threw bricks at officers.

  But according to the Left, it’s the Trump supporters who are hateful, closed-minded, and dangerous.

That’s what we enemies of the psychotic Left are up against in permanent opposition.



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The Loony Left may have met its match

Probably outnumbered 20 to 1, or more, a conservative organization here in the Tar Heel State has taken up arms and entered the field to do battle with the overwhelming number of noisy, nasty Left-Wing political groups operating subversively in the State. They lurk from webs of deceit interconnected with spider-like operatives infiltrating all of our institutions. They have been exposed in a program called “Mapping the Left” (nccivitas.org).

I call them statists. Their goal is to get total control of government so they can officially steal citizen’s wealth and distribute it to their voting blocs—the tactics they use come out of the late Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” They have no honorable principles; any means justifies the goal. They are deceitful, dishonest, and, sometimes, violent. They won’t compromise on any issue. They hate anyone who opposes them, and regard us as enemies.

In case readers think I’m overstating this situation, I never thought I would write something like this about other (so-called) Americans. During my 84 years in America, as a native citizen, I’m stunned that this is reality in the republic that I grew up to appreciate and honor. Our family has lived and fought for this country since the 1600s.

Some of my ancestors came from Europe on the Mayflower. Some fought in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. My parents worked in a World War II aviation factory.  I enlisted in the U. S. Army during the Korean War. My brother served in Korea after the war. Our biggest fears were from foreign enemies—now we have more to fear from internal forces hostile to our republic, our culture and our State.

One organization in North Carolina is fighting back.

The Civitas Institute Center for Law and Freedom recently won legal motions in a State superior court to prevent Josh Stein, the State’s attorney general, from illegally distributing money to radical environmentalist groups. He and Gov. Roy Cooper before him have been handing out millions of dollars from State “settlement” money, earmarked for education, to support these subversive Leftist cabals for years.

Ironically, Leftist groups like to call themselves “progressive”—they are anything but. In addition to being corrupt, they like status quo and even regressive policies that favor their Marxist views. They hate the majority of our State legislators because they have made progress in returning common sense and fiscal sanity to North Carolina government.

Civitas President Col. Francis De Luca writes, we can’t “allow the liberals to carry out their favored projects of encouraging vote fraud, increasing our citizens’ dependence on government, and making bureaucracy less accountable to the people.”

These Leftist projects—and many others— counter conservative principles of limited government, following the law and using common sense.

Civitas pledges to “do everything in our power to resist the frenzied rhetoric, radical politics, and divisive tactics coming from the Left.”

But they can’t beat the Loony Left without the help of the many conservative North Carolinians. They need and deserve our support.

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