Progressive failures

The very fact that white supremacists still exist reminds progressives of their failure to establish a secular utopia here on earth. It also testifies to their failure to grasp the realities of human nature. Both of these things are deeply emotionally devastating to the so-called progressive.

__ Prof. Mike Adams

  Progressive is an inadequate word for emotionally unstable people who can’t face reality. Of course, many of them seem to prefer it to the term Liberal or Marxist. I think the adjective regressive is better: the tendency to regress. Regression in psychology means reverting to “a less mature pattern of feeling or behavior. These people need help to function properly in an advanced society—some of them exhibit immature behavior. Some are dangerous.

As Professor Adams observes (and he’s had a lot of experience with these people on college campuses) they have failed to establish a “secular utopia” and they can’t understand (or accept) the “realities of human nature.” When they try to improve on the human condition with their utopian visions and policies, the result is disasters for humanity—historically it ends with destruction of cultures and death to millions of individual lives.

Karl Marx, a “loser” in his personal life, was obsessed with how he could “free” the workers of the world from “the evils of the rich.” His writings reflected a line from Goethe’s Faust: “Everything that exists deserves to perish.”

Like the current Regressives, Marx claimed to advocate for the “poor and downtrodden.”  In reality he was an “intellectual snob” who despised them. Marx didn’t have the ability to implement his theory. It was the Russian Vladimir Lenin who turned Communist theory into disaster for the Russian people in 1917.

William J. Murray recounts the history of totalitarian revolutions in his book, “Utopian Road to Hell.”

We shouldn’t underestimate the power that these Regressives exert on a multicultural, ill-educated, distracted and confused population. I refer to present day Americans.

Too many of our current generations have been successfully brainwashed with hatred of American traditions, history and cultural values. Anti-American propaganda now controls the thinking of many people some of which carry out their hatred with violence. Good is presented as evil and evil is marketed as good. In many places, especially on college campuses, the “mob mentality” prevails—and feckless administrators cave to the demands of ignorant, pampered anarchists.

Regressives have failed in their ideal, but unworkable visions that must be enforced with totalitarian government.  But their greatest failures are that they don’t understand humanity and can’t face reality.


About R. E. Smith Jr.

Mr. Smith writes essays and commentary on politics, American history, environment, higher education and culture. He's been published in print media and at blog sites for about 25 years. Smith's formal education includes B.S. and M.S. degrees from the State University of New York and Syracuse University. He has earned a 21-credit hour Certificate in Professional Writing from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Training/work experience: NYS Ranger School; U. S. Army, Corp of Engineers; soil scientist and forester with USDA; Assoc. Professor at SUNY; real estate agent; small business owner.
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