The evil syndicate

While the press and pundits play Twitter-twaddle with President Trump and desperately try to get him to say what they want to hear—or not, a loose affiliation of political gangsters control a large subversive enterprise in and around The Swamp. The group ranges from high level government officials and media people to activist street thugs; their goal: to loot, discredit and destroy (“transform”) America. Some of their names are well known:

Barack ‘catfish’ Obama; Hillary ‘the leech’ Clinton; Chuck ‘the snake’ Schumer; Nancy ‘the weasel’ Pelosi; Elizabeth ‘the moccasin’ Warren; Bernie ‘the bear’ Sanders; Big George ‘gator’ Soros, and many others that connive to rid Americans of our history, culture and wealth—tactics used by other cultural utopians in the former Soviet Union, Chairman Mao’s China and Castro’s Cuba.

Because people rebel against central planning, theft and corruption eventually they must be suppressed with totalitarian government: arrest of dissenters, reeducation programs, imprisonment and death are ultimately the penalties for allowing these people to control us, destroy our monuments, purge our religion and collapse the family structure. The Swamp dwellers are well on their way to making this happen in America.

William J. Murray’s 2016 book, “Utopian Road to Hell,” includes a chapter titled, “The Cultural Utopians”—describing a cast of characters that have schemed to overthrow our constitutional system during the past 100 years. Murray writes: “These individuals…have typically rejected our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage and have worked to replace it with a humanistic morality based on such concepts as ‘tolerance,’ ‘sexual liberation,’ ‘fairness,’ and ‘social justice’ while actually promoting a political agenda based on Marxist-Leninist ideology.”

Mr. Murray targets a few of these people and groups in topics: Sexual and moral anarchist Margaret Sanger; ACLU founder Roger Baldwin; John Dewey: “Education is propaganda and propaganda is Education”; The new ACLU attacks America; The gentle subversive, “Rachel Carson”; Community organizer: Saul Alinsky; “Gay rights” founder Harry Hay; LSD/drug culture activist Timothy Leary; Shadow government leader: George Soros.

  Soros is worth a few extra words because the anti-American billionaire helps fund many of the subversive projects in America. Soros is “the living and breathing embodiment of the utopian who believes all others can live better lives by living as he intends them to live,” writes Murray.

Soros founded the Open Society Institute (OSI) run by, Aryeh Neier, the founder of the radical Marxist group, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

The OSI “funds dozens of organizations that are dedicated to Soros’s objectives, mainly: legalizing drug use; undermining national sovereignty by creating a borderless world; legalizing homosexual marriages; destroying conservative media outlets; protecting the abortion industry; defending voter fraud; and similar goals.” Soros wants to redistribute America’s wealth to poorer nations through the UN Millennium goals.

The first step toward overcoming evil is to recognize and label it. Most of us instinctively know evil when we see it, but too many people are afraid to confront it, fearful of “public opinion.” That opinion is usually created by a few who are marketing (selling us) evil and the Leftist media that promotes it.


About R. E. Smith Jr.

Mr. Smith writes essays and commentary on politics, American history, environment, higher education and culture. He's been published in print media and at blog sites for about 25 years. Smith's formal education includes B.S. and M.S. degrees from the State University of New York and Syracuse University. He has earned a 21-credit hour Certificate in Professional Writing from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Training/work experience: NYS Ranger School; U. S. Army, Corp of Engineers; soil scientist and forester with USDA; Assoc. Professor at SUNY; real estate agent; small business owner.
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