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Intellectual idiots

Nassim Nicholas Taleb writes about the Intellectual Yet Idiot in his book “Skin in the Game.” He defines them at length in a satirical, revealing way. An “inner circle of no-skin-in-the-game policymaking ‘clerks’ and journalists-insiders, that class of paternalistic semi-intellectual … Continue reading

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Giving back and giving up

One of the euphemisms frequently heard from social justice promoters these days is giving back. Presumably this assumes that some people have unfairly taken something from others and, thus, should return some of it. Adults volunteering freely and willingly of … Continue reading

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Marxism and climate change

In re-reading the chapter “The Tyranny of Visions” from Thomas Sowell’s classic little book, “The Quest for Cosmic Justice,” he observes that tyrannies “prevail in visions of social and economic activities” as well as in questions of war and peace. … Continue reading

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Trump pulls out of a bad deal

Appropriately, President Donald Trump last week announced from the Rose Garden that he would strike a blow for U. S. sovereignty and not get us sucked into another Euro-scam to take more of our wealth. The garden setting was appropriate … Continue reading

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Multiculturalists destroying American history

Multicultural madness has had its planned effect on American culture—to dilute and destroy it. Federal government immigration policy over recent decades has changed the demography of America from largely European to mostly people from Third World countries. As Dr. Clyde … Continue reading

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