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Remembering American History

On Memorial Day this year columnist Peggy Noonan wrote “some thoughts on historical memory” in the Wall Street Journal. Ms. Noonan begins with bad news that some of us have known for many years: “We are losing it. We are … Continue reading

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See no evil….

When I was a young boy we often visited my mother’s parents. I was fascinated with a carved figure of three monkeys on Grandpa Stark’s desk. Each had its hands on its head: one over its eyes, one over its … Continue reading

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The President and the Pope – a parody

VATICAN CITY – May 24, 2017 – President Donald Trump meets with Pope Francis, “two men with starkly different worldviews” as reported in the New York Times. (Seated at a small table)- Pope Francis: Welcome Mr. President. I have a … Continue reading

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Climate zealots’ projections border on criminality

Priests of the concept of manmade climate change and their followers are coming dangerously close to falsely crying “FIRE” in a crowded building. We consider this “speech” outside lawful limits because there is evidence that people have been killed by … Continue reading

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Environmentalists need to understand humanity, not economics

Steven Horwitz writing at the Foundation for Economic Education for an esoteric audience under the headline “Why Environmentalists Need to Understand Economics”—few people understand economics, or care to (of course, they should); and no rational person understands environmentalists (they don’t … Continue reading

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Who wants “race dialogue”?

Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones a Negro victim of “racial taunting” recently was featured in an Associated Press article by reporter Jim Suhr. According to Suhr’s report Jones was the target of “ugliness and hate” at a baseball game in … Continue reading

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Scientists disagree about manmade ‘global warming’

Politicians and government agency heads for years have misled people with claims that most scientists agree “climate change is both manmade and dangerous.” With much of the American press continuously spreading this false news—and propaganda to support the flawed theory— … Continue reading

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