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Science and progressive political science

The word science as we know it has nothing to do with politics. The scientific method can be used to support or reject human hypotheses about the physical world in which we live, but not ideologies. Unfortunately, the word has … Continue reading

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Media and societal dystopia

I don’t read modern novels. Authors frequently become tangled in their own small, distorted worlds;  their characters are often portrayed as pathetic victims, drug dealers or psychos; and the plots usually are designed to depress and frighten the readers—and that … Continue reading

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Why extend the reach of the UNC system?

Typically, the statist Editorial Board at the Wilmington StarNews frequently gives large OP/ED space to University of North Carolina spokesmen (sometimes even women). Of course these people usually spread some leftist cause or promote more public spending for the bloated … Continue reading

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Don’t care much about history

The reputation of the region of the United States below the Potomac today suffers from (the) same forces from which the Middle Ages suffered at the hands of historians during the Enlightenment. Chroniclers of Southern history often do not grasp … Continue reading

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Yankee abolitionists: evil and wrong  

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Irrational behavior – Confederaphobia

It’s a fearful time in America—and the only thing we have to fear is the leftist revolutionaries who have created chaos within our cultural values. David Kupelian in his 2015 book, The Snapping of the American Mind exposes “both the … Continue reading

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Profiles in privilege

Many people in American society who promote socialist, Marxist and other totalitarian ideas want to deprive us of confidence, spirit and freedom. They discourage or deter positive attitudes by promoting victimology, “social justice,” and gender politics. Some women seem especially … Continue reading

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