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Alinsky in La-La Land

The loony Leftists and recruited Useful Idiots “chant and sing” to protest President Trump’s actions he promised “to make America safe again.” These people organized by Marxist radicals assemble with their revolutionary signs and big mouths. In still-life photos they … Continue reading

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Do women’s “rights” trump men’s?

According to our American Constitution all citizens of the United States have rights enumerated in Amendments.  In 1920 men gave women the right to vote by passing the Nineteenth Amendment. The Constitution does not limit (“deny or disparage”) “others (rights) … Continue reading

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Draining the swamp and cleaning house

President Trump has vowed to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C. That will be a big job because for 150 years politicians have created such a massive federal wetland in the Potomac basin that a huge amount of drainage will … Continue reading

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North Carolina and gender dysphoria

A small number of North Carolinians and outside agitators for the past year have been obsessed over people with the mental disorder “gender dysphoria”—the unknown numbers (but probably very few) of those who think they have intense, persistent gender nonconformity, … Continue reading

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Fighting for freedom from corrupt government

About half of the American population seems oblivious to deceit and false witness of the political Left. Worse, many of them support its vindictive and subversive political candidates. They are not above committing voter fraud and promoting fake news to … Continue reading

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Black responsibility and government intervention

Lo, and behold! The Wilmington StarNews Editorial Board has given some space to a token black conservative on the OP/ED page. But I doubt that they will accept the truth he tells—we’ll never know. Derryck Green writes under the headline … Continue reading

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Bipartisan or bipolar?

People in the Carolina Journal discuss the idea of a “bipartisan” political relationship between Democrats and Republicans in North Carolina. (Link below) Surely they jest. Bipartisanship is something supported by members of two political parties. Quick; can anyone think of … Continue reading

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