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Another nonstarter press story creating “news”

Ho Hum! Another slow day in the Newsroom. Editor: “Hey, Cammie, I need a space-filler. How about another Trump-story? Pain, suffering, bullying—you know, the usual stuff about the nasty election and harassment of Hispanics and Muslims. Make it look bad.” … Continue reading

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The folly of more gun laws

Evidence, facts and even common sense don’t enter the minds of liberal elites searching for utopian solutions to social problems—real or imagined. Many of those who live in a virtual world try to impose their ideas on those who understand … Continue reading

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What ails the radical Left in America?

Deeper, more sinister reasons than simply immaturity and stupidity explain why urban groups of radical young—and a surprising number of older—people have become emotionally unhinged: riot in city streets; disrespect the law; destroy property; threaten violence against political people they … Continue reading

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There was a time when humor, and even good cheer, existed in the halls of our federal government. Back in about 1970 an anonymous handmade cardboard sign hung in the U. S. Capitol, House Rules Committee chambers: Due to the … Continue reading

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