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Liberal fascists

It’s tempting to let one incident project into a broader assumption about a social problem, especially in the heat of the current American political season—bad feelings prevail throughout the voting population. Few of us feel optimistic about our future federal … Continue reading

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The hypocritical hysteria about sex talk

The hysteria of the Left about some long ago private sex (“locker room”) talk by Donald Trump and his buddies and the generated media frenzy is juvenile and laughable—another example of why these pathetic people have little credibility and can’t … Continue reading

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Local politics and racism

Democrat political operative Walt de Vries writes for the StarNews Media arguing to reverse its policy not to endorse political candidates. Essentially, he wants to add their biases to increase “the voting of minorities (read Democrat voters).” He hopes that … Continue reading

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Insulting the public

American journalists reach for new language lows that insult the intelligence of their readers. Recent comments by Fox News Shepard Smith give us another example. Admonishing us on the pending arrival of Hurricane Matthew near the East Coast Smith said … Continue reading

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White guilt and ‘the race thing’

People with white guilt carry the banner of “racism” so others will follow their pathetic and confused state of mind. They march with shame believing that they are responsible for the irresponsibility of others. Another example of this mistaken conscience-stricken … Continue reading

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