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Radical group profits from social agitation

NAACP’s Barber Displays Contradictions Advertisements

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Fighting the political Left

North Carolina is sometimes called a political “battleground” State—no single candidate or party has overwhelming support in securing the State’s electoral college votes. In recent years that word applies more literally because of many relentless attacks by radical leftist/liberal/progressive groups … Continue reading

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Perspective on race-hustlers

David Duke Does Not Represent Conservative Louisiana

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How deplorable can you be?

Hillary Clinton, Democrat candidate for president of the United States, recently attempted to defame millions of supporters of her Republican opponent Donald Trump. She said in a public speech that many of them are “a basket of deplorables.” Aside from … Continue reading

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Sports and politics in North Carolina

Let’s stop taxpayer funding for sports association’s political shenanigans in our State. NCAA’s #HB2 Political Stunt Financed By Taxpayers

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The myth of multiculturalism

For several decades the Leftist/Progressives in America have promoted the myth, primarily through public schools and universities, that a multicultural society offers a host of societal benefits. Many of us have long argued that this false hope is a lie … Continue reading

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Private parts and politics in North Carolina

This story illustrates how far campaigns by many weird factions of zealots have pushed media into the realm of societal stupidity—or insanity, when you know that it originates with the political Left. Liberalism is a mental disorder as documented by … Continue reading

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