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Blatant press bias

Recently, we witnessed one of the most flagrant, shameless examples of media political bias ¬†toward a candidate for president of the United States in our memory. My wife Barbara and I, both in our 80s, attended a rally in Wilmington, … Continue reading

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Cultural attacks on Christian values

Media alert us to a few days coverage of frequent violence by Islamic terrorists who launch suicidal attacks against Western civilization. But while we are fixated on these dramatic short news-cycles (and current political theater), even more insidious dangerously evil … Continue reading

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Judicial partisanship in North Carolina

  Liberals and their Marxist allies will do anything to discredit our elected majority of legislators and Gov. McCrory in North Carolina, including seeking judges with a leftist agenda to attack our laws and operating within a huge network of … Continue reading

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Political intentions and historical distortions

The major take away from this election is that (liberals) hate (Southerners); they have always hated us; their Federal Empire was created by those who used bloody bayonets to destroy our right to be left alone and live in a … Continue reading

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