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Activist judges with political agenda

Civitas President Calls Fourth Circuit Voter ID Decision “Outrageous” Advertisements

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Free college for slackers

Hillary Clinton’s New College “Reforms”

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Giving away our money

I’ve previously said this, politicians have an erroneous propensity to violate fiducial responsibilities by giving away the public’s money—confiscated by the police power of the state—to charities that they arbitrarily decide deserve it more than those who earned it. This … Continue reading

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Musing on the 4th of July

The official temperature today is 92 degrees F, but the “RealFeel” is 106 degrees. It’s very humid and thunderstorms are predicted (65% chance). We were outside briefly this morning (along with thousands of tourists heading for the southeastern North Carolina … Continue reading

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Climate propaganda

It’s amazing to me how unquestioning and scientifically oblivious American reporters and other creative writers are as they spread the unproven theory of “climate change” as “settled science.” Science-based theories are never “settled” or accepted by unbiased people until proven … Continue reading

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Carolina cronyism

American politicians persist in meddling with projects that should not concern them—or us, the people whose money is confiscated to pay for them. We expect this unrelenting spending other-people’s-money (OPM) from “progressives” and cultural Marxists to further visions of government-run … Continue reading

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