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The Second Battle of New Orleans

A “Letter from the South” by James Schneider. The battle against historic monuments in New Orleans by “progressive” government agitators and local hate-groups; rather than focusing on other problems they create in the city: “its murder rate, drug-dependent neighborhoods, broken … Continue reading

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Black Power

Ever since Lincoln’s War against Southern State’s independence black people have been vulnerable to Marxist’s plans to create cultural unrest promoting their goal for a socialist revolution and the ultimate destruction of American culture and economy. Lincoln’s cynical Emancipation Proclamation … Continue reading

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Why I support Donald Trump for president

I’m coming around to agree with my wife about her support for Donald Trump for president of these formerly united, now deeply divided, States of America. Senator Ted Cruz was my favorite candidate. I believe he is a true conservation. … Continue reading

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Feds overreaching power endangers North Carolina

State governors and safety officials discover we are unwilling hosts to tens of thousands of unknown Middle Eastern “refugees” from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, plus many more from who-knows-where, thanks to the arrogant, subversive Obama administration. The identities of these … Continue reading

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Lobbyists’ access to the White House

Obama’s “most transparent administration” hasn’t publicly reported why communications and cable lobbyists have extraordinary access at the White House. Move along; nothing to see here. Visitor logs show Google’s unrivaled White House access

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Ya haber llegado: pobre, analfabeto, e no especializado They have already arrived: poor, illiterate, and unskilled. H. A. Scott Trask, an independent historian, wrote in the June 2016 issue of Chronicles (A magazine of American culture), “The United States has … Continue reading

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Ethnic crime statistics and politics

With the constant talk, reports and agitating focused on ethnicity in America—primarily Caucasian, Negroid and Amerindian (whites, blacks and “Hispanics”)—little is reported about which group is most involved in violent crimes in this society—for an obvious reason. The “Black Lives … Continue reading

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