The real challenges to conservatives

In no uncertain words, chairman of the John Locke Foundation, John Hood, tells us what he thinks of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a Carolina Journal opinion piece titled, “Trump Challenges Carolina Conservatives.” (Link below) Mr. Hood believes that “Trump’s toxic brew of insult comedy, rank dishonesty, ethnic grievance, and hostility to basic principles of free enterprise, free speech and limited government cannot be reconciled with the modern conservative movement.”

Mr. Trump, writes Hood, “is a dangerous charlatan, a bully who deftly uses false promises, egregious lies, and malicious attacks to manipulate people to his advantage.” Trump is “a swindle” and “a world-class con.” Hood believes that Mr. Trump presents State and national conservatives, “one of the greatest challenges we will ever face.”

Despite the fact that none of us can know what problems we will face in the future, people my age can’t imagine any political trial more testing during the past 85 years than the anti-American, racially divisive, ideologically subversive man elected twice president in the past eight years. It was unimaginable and unbelievable.

Hood’s polemic contains highly exaggerated and gross distortions of what Trump has said in public. But it’s revealing that all his charges, and more, apply to Democrat candidate and two-term President Barack Obama—a greater challenge that was not met by most elected Republicans. Yet, I don’t recall Mr. Hood taking on that cause with such passion and rage.

His attack on Trump is based only on projections of the candidate’s rhetoric; all these defamations applied to Obama can be traced not only to his words but to his deeds.  Hood did, however, call Hillary Clinton “a dishonest, narcissistic conspiracy theorist who dreams of using federal power to silence dissent.” That applies as well to Obama.

But why all the vitriol toward a qualified American candidate who chooses to run within the Republican Party when so-called “conservatives” won’t use it against their real enemies?

The “establishment” Republicans, desperate to discredit Mr. Trump, now knowing that this outsider can win the presidential nomination, bring out the big guns to blow away Trump’s wildly successful, and unexpected, campaign. Recall that they recently solicited presidential loser-candidate Mitt Romney to also publically insult and denounce Trump.  Some say he threatens their comfortable offices in Washington.  It’s been suggested that they won’t lose their spoiler positions even if Hillary Clinton wins the White House.

Romney is the second endowed, feckless Republican presidential candidate (McCain is the other one) to lose the last two elections because they didn’t dare tell us the truth about Obama—his Marxist and Muslim upbringing, his obvious disdain for America, his rhetoric promoting racial conflict, and his close association with a hate-spewing racist minister and other radical leftists such as domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Hood also hurls some insults at Trump voters: “If Donald Trump is the answer, you have asked a very wrong and very stupid question.” Voters “desperate for someone to restore American greatness” are Trump’s “marks,” writes Hood. They are “fools.” Some are “simpletons, bigots, and cynical manipulators.”

These surprising statements come from a man who, during the more than twenty years I have known him, has never used such strong, derogatory language even against North Carolina Marxist hate-groups who regularly attack State conservatives, reject their policies and despise everything they stand for.

This, I believe, explains some of the Trump phenomenon. Many voters have put their faith in Republican conservatives to stand strong against the statists and subversives. They have been repeatedly disappointed. George Bush a “compassionate” Republican went along with big government projects and spending; he got us into hopeless nation-building wars in the Middle East; and he wouldn’t defend himself against vicious attacks by the Left. We can’t be nice to or ignore people that hate us and work tirelessly to undermine our traditional republic; they have to be confronted—and defeated.

Voters sent Republicans to the House and Senate with majorities to defend us against the subversive Obama regime. Only a few of them boldly stood against Socialist Democrat policies; impeachable, near treasonous activities; and personal attacks on American citizens labeling us as the enemy.

Ted Cruz who, paradoxically, is said to be despised by the establishment Republicans in Washington is one of very few who has demonstrated his nonpartisan, courageous conservatism; a primary reason he is my choice for president.

Ineffective Republicans have acted like hapless Charley Brown while Democrat Lucy fools them every time. They agree and get rolled.  Many of them go-along to get-along with Democrats and the press to avoid criticism; allowing them to keep their subordinate status. The final insult to voters was the last two Republican presidential candidates who played the “Mr. Nice Guy” game while the Democrats kicked sand in their faces and walked over them. It was embarrassing and deeply disappointing.

Millions of voters have rallied and voted in support of Mr. Trump—not because he is slick and articulate, but because he is refreshingly fearless and speaks honestly about the question of what is happening to our country. They say, “We’ve had enough of undefended onslaughts on our faith, our values, our honorable traditions and our economic well being. We need a strong candidate who will defend America against illegal invasions; assaults on our culture and laws; racial blackmail and physical threats from Islamists—someone who doesn’t give a damn what the leftist press says; isn’t fearful about offending those who are offensive to us; and won’t back down to mob pressure from organized disruptive hate-groups.”

Mr. Hood correctly says that many Americans are receptive to “con jobs” because they are ignorant of the “principles of free enterprise and constitutional government.” But the contest is about much more than economics and civics. Our culture is under attack by truly hateful troublemaking people on the Left: our Christian faith, marriage and family, American Southern heritage. They disrespect our borders and laws. They ignore the murderous, genocidal acts of Islamists claiming theirs is a “religion of peace.”

Americans are tolerant and compassionate people, but most of us are not stupidly suicidal. The Republican Party has shown that it is not up to the task of defending American culture and freedom against the relentless assaults of statists and disruptive, vicious people.

Republicans have a dark early history of attacking other Americans. In the nineteenth century Southern Democrats were the true constitutional conservatives. Since the 1960s the Democrat Party has been increasingly controlled by anti-American subversives and socialists. Ironically, the modern Republican Party now provides cover for conservatives. But too many of them have wrapped themselves in a plastic cloak— people can see through it.

Mr. Hood uses the catchwords, “principles,” “freedom,” and “constitutional.” But they are meaningless if the people that utter them are not willing to vigorously, persistently and courageously defend them—as did our Founding Fathers. If we lose our inherited culture, however, our originality will also be lost.

Conservatives need to clearly evaluate what they want to conserve. Talk about low taxes and less regulations, although important, is fiddling while the cultural soul of this republic is being burned by people who hate our very existence.

To be worthy of the label, conservatives must be willing to recognize our domestic enemies and boldly confront them. And they aren’t in the Republican Party. The political days of wine and roses are over. It’s time for recovery. Trump is seen by millions of Americans as one with the guts to be able to do it. Maybe he can’t, but established Republican officials have done little but talk about it.

Mr. Hood says he is a realist. We hope that he understands the current realities and can effectively help lead his worthy organization to deal with them—but he will have to face the real challenges to conservatives.

Trump Challenges Carolina Conservatives


About R. E. Smith Jr.

Mr. Smith writes essays and commentary on politics, American history, environment, higher education and culture. He's been published in print media and at blog sites for about 25 years. Smith's formal education includes B.S. and M.S. degrees from the State University of New York and Syracuse University. He has earned a 21-credit hour Certificate in Professional Writing from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Training/work experience: NYS Ranger School; U. S. Army, Corp of Engineers; soil scientist and forester with USDA; Assoc. Professor at SUNY; real estate agent; small business owner.
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