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Attempting to disarm American citizens

Democrat-Socialist “progressives” drive their issues on the fuel of emotion. Anger, resentment, vengeance and hate most often show in their rhetoric and activities, rather than logic, reason and science. Further, their immediate schemes hide the real agenda of Utopian Justice … Continue reading

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Judicial malpractice

 U.  S. Constitution- Article II, Section 2. He (the president)  shall have Power… and by and with Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint…Judges of the supreme Court. That’s it. No when, where, why or how many. He appoints, they … Continue reading

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Barbarians at the gates of civilization

James Harkin (“a British-Irish journalist long fascinated by Syria”) gives his eye-witness report of the destruction of ancient artifacts in Syria by the barbaric Islamic State. His article is published in the March 2016 print issue of Smithsonian magazine ( … Continue reading

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Exposing the evils of Socialism

German philosophers such as Otto Neurath were promoting the idea of continuing socialist central planning after World War I. Their proposals for socializing the postwar economy prompted Ludwig von Mises to expose the destructive nature of socialism using logic and … Continue reading

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Shovel-ready money

North Carolina politicos have a State version of Barack Obama’s $800 billion stimulus for “shovel-ready” jobs. But it’s comparative chump-change; only $2 billion. Obama’s give-away of our money didn’t do anything to “promote the general Welfare” but it did promote … Continue reading

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Be skeptical, suspicious and deny power to government

Before the War Between the States American central government was carefully defined, limited and of little threat to our citizens. Most powers “reserved to the States” gave the people close control of political interests and limited their damage. Since then … Continue reading

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The evil of Democrat Socialism

Those who lived through most of the last century know the evils that came from National Socialism—the Nazi form of this ideology is most familiar to those of us who lived in that time. Less than one-hundred years after this … Continue reading

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