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Demons on the Left

Recently, the Wilmington, North Carolina StarNews Editorial Board published an editorial titled, “Demonization has gone too far.” (Link below) Then they proceeded to demonize Senator Ted Cruz who happens to be a very effective (and threatening to the Left) candidate … Continue reading

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Land of the free?

A Wilmington StarNews editorial writer gave readers some food-for-thought this new year, but mostly small, unsatisfying helpings. The January 1st editorial titled, “Staying true to our anthem” asked the question, “Is America still the land of the free and the … Continue reading

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Enemies of the Obama administration

We has met the enemy and he is us. __Pogo Possum 2016- Eight years into the current federal government administration: President Obama and his operatives, including Hillary Clinton, have identified the American people, our elected representatives, our ally Israel and … Continue reading

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