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Why black lives don’t matter

We hear much about the organized group called “Black Lives Matter” because it makes controversial, tabloid press stories. The group has nothing to offer any reasonable discussion of the “black problem.” It is simply another irrelevant ignorant, shouting leftist mob. … Continue reading

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No peace on Earth with neurotic liberals

It’s Christmas day 2015. I’m sitting on our back porch smoking a cigar and thinking. Humid air sucked up from the Gulf of Mexico, keeping an Arctic front at bay, brought massive cloud bands, lightning, tornadoes and heavy rain to … Continue reading

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Property and freedom

Not since Lincoln and Northern Republicans waged war on the Southern States to deprive them of independence have we Americans been so in jeopardy of losing the liberties we once cherished. Central American Indians invade our Southern borders with impunity; … Continue reading

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Phony mainstream journalists

Leftist reporters and analysts in the mainstream media are befuddled—and not just about the Trump phenomenon. Typically they lash out at anyone and anything that doesn’t conform to their worldview of how politics should be played, and who should play. … Continue reading

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North Carolina congressional report

Dan Way, associate editor of the Carolina Journal (, reported in the December 2015 issue a political event in Wilmington, North Carolina last month. Seventh District U. S. Representative David Rouzer discussed federal agency rules that will harm the America … Continue reading

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Federal government–unbalanced and unrepresentative

Recently, I received a 2016 Congressional District Census “commissioned” by the Republican Party,–“a key facet of our overall campaign strategy”—one of several sent to me during previous years. It was flattering that I was “selected to represent Voters in North … Continue reading

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Climate science is unsettled

With a worldwide war pressed by Islamists raging in the Middle East, Europe and coming to gun-free zones here in the U. S. of A., the pathetically delusional president of the United States dresses up as a leader and declares … Continue reading

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