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Identifying political affiliations

Wilmington, North Carolina StarNews letter writer, Richard C. Graham, from Southport, North Carolina, says “someone needs to speak up” about my view published recently in the paper. (Link below) In response to an editorial, I wrote that the American Democrat … Continue reading

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Whose side is Obama on?

Many Americans question the mental condition of President Barack Hussein Obama. Some say he is delusional. Some say he “doesn’t get it.” Others believe he is narcissistic. No sane, loyal leader would carry out government policies that result in destruction … Continue reading

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Excessive presidential power

In the link below George Leef, research director for the Raleigh, North Carolina Pope Center for Higher Education Policy reviews another important book exposing lawlessness at the highest level in our federal government. This power is much more dangerous to … Continue reading

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Carbon cleansers

What’s a bigger threat to human life on earth than the Islamic State’s drive to murder everyone who does not accept Islamic law? According to America’s Dear Leader and his disciples it’s carbon; especially the benign form necessary for life: … Continue reading

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Islam and us

Exploding bomb-wired belts, live hand grenades, and rifle and shotgun ammunition alarms recently in Paris, France were used by Islamists for their latest wake-up call to Western Civilization. “Let France and those who walk in its path know that they … Continue reading

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The Central Bank and Wall Street cronyism

David Stockman at his website below posts a Wall Street Journal article suggesting we end the Federal Reserve’s money monopoly. The author argues that we should have a choice of currency based on gold as an alternative to printed-paper promises … Continue reading

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A much less perfect union

A recent Wilmington StarNews editorial titled, “Striving to form a more perfect union” expresses typical partisanship, ignores the reasons for American cultural disunity and seems oblivious of the radical national political changes threatening to overthrow our system of government. (Link … Continue reading

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