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North Carolina scuttles energy scam– in part

Dr. Roy Cordato of the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh, North Carolina discusses the recent State budget and how legislators pulled the plug on the cash barrel propping up the “alternative” energy businesses. The State General Assembly rolled back the … Continue reading

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“Common ground” or caving in?

The Wilmington StarNews Editorial Board presents us with another of their utopian delusions that they title “Dare we strive for common ground?” (Link below) Commenting on the horror of the Islamist attack on America in September 2001, they note that … Continue reading

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The Pope, Ecoreligion and man

Pope Francis has driven Catholic doctrine into the quagmire of political environmentalism with his encyclical Laudato Si’. Popes’ have discussed the earth’s environment in the past and, in fact, the title of his papal letter comes from the Canticle of … Continue reading

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Filming “Under the Dumb”

Hunter Ingram, staff writer for the Wilmington StarNews, recently wrote a requiem for the presumed dearly departed local film industry. (Link below) “It’s all quiet on the set in Wilmington,” he wrote. But as Mark Twain said in 1897, “…the … Continue reading

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Failure to teach good thinking and good writing

George Leef at the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy writes another essay on the follies and failures of our universities to properly educate students. Of course, that process begins in elementary schools. Our colleges, however, should be admitting people … Continue reading

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