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Third World healthcare and totalitarian Cuba

Communist sympathizers cite Cuba’s “free, high quality, universal primary health care” as “its stunning accomplishment.” But nothing they do can overcome that totalitarian country’s stunning failures—economically, culturally and politically. When the Castro revolutionaries violently overthrew the government in 1959, that … Continue reading

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Progressives’ hatred for the American South

Progressives hate the South. They angrily denounce the historically conservative nature of Southerners and persist in tying Southern culture only to slavery. “The slavery-saddled South…brutally productive slave economy…Deep South…a vast slave-labor camp.” One recent commentator shows bitter resentment that “the … Continue reading

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Perpetrators of pathological racism in America

Efforts to seek and identify racism in America have become pathological with some people—a deviation from normalcy manifesting behavior that is habitual and compulsive. An unknown mental affliction seems to drive them toward irrationality. They find racism in every nook … Continue reading

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The intellectual battle for freedom from big government

“Resist much, obey little.” __Walt Whitman   Preserving individual freedom requires a duty to resist encroaching government and those who support it. Americans have been battling them for centuries. The fights continue. Here in North Carolina statist street mobs harass … Continue reading

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Wilmington historical perspectives- 1898

Recent hysteria over the killing of black church goers in Charleston, South Carolina by a deranged white youth has swept vengeful, black civil rights activists and cowering, guilt-ridden whites on a quest to purge all historic symbols of white culture … Continue reading

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The union of once sovereign states- a bad idea

I admire George Will’s intellect and his apparent “conservative” political position—although his writing style comes across as a bit pompous, overdone and sometimes difficult to follow. I read his Washington Post column (when it’s available in local papers) because I … Continue reading

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Letter to a social justice activist

Dear Reader: Thanks for commenting on my essay, “Farewell to factories, welcome to socialism” published at my website ( I always welcome comments from readers. I’m interested in how people react to my writings. In this case you begin with … Continue reading

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