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Accepting aberrant behavior

News stories and social media bombard our sensibilities with in-your-face abnormal behavior that small groups of rabid activists demand we accept as normal. Of course, the press is complicit in agitating the issue and virtually salivates in spreading around weird. … Continue reading

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We are doomed

It’s over. American traditions are vanishing. Polls say so. Gallup found that the percentage of us identified as “social liberals” now equals that of “social conservatives.” Some pollsters say the ideological shift is “sudden” and “unexpected.” Unbelievably, we observe the … Continue reading

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Who should pay for government wants and why.

Self-absorbed Americans and never-ending self-interest activists continue demands for more government spending to provide for their wants—mostly for the comfort, convenience and financial benefit of clamoring interests. Problem: they want to be exempt from paying their “fair share” and load … Continue reading

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A letter from North Carolina by Dr. Boyd Cathey

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Editorial hypocrisy

Two perceptive readers of a recent Wilmington StarNews editorial noted the irony and hypocrisy of the Editorial Board. (Link below) In this editorial the Board expressed concern about the Constitution’s First Amendment. The Founders wrote that “Congress shall make no … Continue reading

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Replacing meritocracy with mediocrity

Leftists obsess over inequality. They believe government can re-jigger society to create uniformity of results. But in the real world we are all “created equal” in Creator-given rights, but not in abilities. Equality in a natural or acquired skill or … Continue reading

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“Diversity”: bad news for America

Patrick J. Buchanan explains why the obsession and propaganda about “diversity” is destroying America.

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