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The plague of government: county spending

There is an insidious plague sweeping across America. As with locusts of Biblical proportions governments’ consume the productive works of citizens and become pestiferous in all aspects of our lives. Levels of community, city, town, county, State and federal governments … Continue reading

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Gender politics

Gender identity is only one of several weird modern phenomena unspoken in previous American generations. In our cultural past sex and sexuality was a very personal part of our lives–embarrassing and unacceptable to display in public. Until recently it was … Continue reading

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What is an American liberal?

In recent discussions about political ideologies with a friend, we talked of labels for left-wing, progressives. He believes the proper term for what many call liberal is Marxist. I argue that few people in our contemporary culture understand the meaning … Continue reading

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Barfield vs. White

Recently, the Wilmington StarNews Editorial Board (EB) weighed-in on a local political dispute between Chairman of the New Hanover County Commissioners, Jonathan Barfield, and Commissioner Woody White (1). Barfield is liberally in favor of more government spending, debt and taxes, … Continue reading

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Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?

The May 2015 issue of The American Legion magazine ( includes a nineteenth-century speech by Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. recalling his experiences as a young first lieutenant with the 20th Massachusetts Regiment of Volunteers during the War Between the States. … Continue reading

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The South haters

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Sustainability and other unknowns at the university

The parody below is based on a recent article in the Wilmington, North Carolina by Hilary Snow. Ms. Snow begins her report: “Sustainability will soon be on the menu at UNC-Wilmington’s dining hall.” Interview by Port City Daily of … Continue reading

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