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Why a research “park” at UNC-Wilmington?

Why are “rising biotechnology and life science groups from all over the country” moving to UNCW CREST Research Park near Wilmington, North Carolina? Because the University of North Carolina has been secretly building a complex of buildings in an obscure … Continue reading

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Higher education’s new Fundamentalism

George Leef, research director for the Pope Center of Higher Education in Raleigh, North Carolina is an accomplished reviewer of important books that expose follies and foolishness incubated in our universities. Hatchlings from Big U come out not only with … Continue reading

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Corruption at Big U

Maybe the Wilmington StarNews opinion-heads have finally caught on to the persistent corruption lurking behind the ivy-covered façade of the University of North Carolina—previously their favorite, unquestionable public charity. In a recent view by the Editorial Board they question the … Continue reading

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Environmental false prophets

One devious technique used by local environmental activists is to lure unsuspecting tourists on a Cape Fear River boat excursion—promoted as a “nature tour.” They maneuver up river to an old cement plant location (no one can detect until it’s … Continue reading

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Disunion in America and the Southern confederacy

The late Richard M. Weaver, “now widely recognized as one of the most original and perceptive interpreters of Southern culture and letters, one of the century’s leading rhetorical theorists, and a founder of American conservatism,” crafted many essays still relevant … Continue reading

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