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U.S. Fish and Wildlife: Stay out of North Carolina’s affairs

Federal Horse Play in North Carolina Washington is blocking a local initiative to save the state’s wild Spanish Mustangs. Why? Russ Ferguson One of the great prides of my home state of North Carolina is the Outer Banks. The narrow, … Continue reading

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Big Film: a risky business

For years politicians, lobbyists, state government film agencies, union-activist film workers and editors have been promoting public subsidies to improve profits of a few film companies that have no allegiance to North Carolina. This nomadic, unstable, marginally profitable industry will … Continue reading

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It’s about time all states pull the plug on government-sponsored thievery

George Leef of the Pope Center for Higher Education in Raleigh, North Carolina reports that New Mexico has initiated law to stop the egregious government practice of taking the property of citizens and allowing police to keep the spoils. “Profiting … Continue reading

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County government budget meeting revisited

At the March 20, 2015 budget meeting of the New Hanover County, North Carolina board of commissioners a Wilmington StarNews reporter missed the most important part of this public event—the negative impact on taxpaying citizens. Her report about the process … Continue reading

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Wrong priorities for county government

The more the state “plans” the more difficult planning becomes for the individual. The Road to Serfdom, Frederick A. Hayek   While many of us worry about taxes we’ve paid and owe, and try to plan our lives with limited resources, … Continue reading

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Obama’s shakedown

Extortion is a frequent tactic used by leftists to achieve their destructive ends: the reverends’ Jackson and Sharpton use it to support their high lifestyles and promote the race industry in America. They use their pseudo-official positions to obtain funds … Continue reading

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The illusion of green

Liberal propagandists redefine words, a tactic to twist commonly accepted meanings into confusing abstractions or meaningless jargon and code words. For example, the adjective sustainable means capable of being sustained. That could mean virtually anything, but environmentalists use it as … Continue reading

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