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Evil intentions

The most serious threat to good government and freedom in America is not posed by evil-minded men and women. It is posed by legislative and judicial activists and other sincere persons of the best intentions, who are bent on remaking … Continue reading

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Undoing assaults on our freedom by federal law

George Leef of the Pope Foundation for Higher Education Policy in Raleigh, North Carolina writes about restrictive federal law embedded in the National Labor Relations Board to protect coercive unions. His Forbes article explains the damage done by this law … Continue reading

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Federal takeover of the Internet

Get ready for fewer choices, less access, higher cost and more inefficiency with the planned regulation of the Internet by the Federal Communications Commission.  At the link below Ryan McMaken writing at the Mises Institute explains how another government scheme … Continue reading

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The fallacies of social justice and public housing

A “Profile” article in a recent issue of the Greater Wilmington Business Journal ( featured Katrina Redmon, CEO of the Wilmington Housing Authority (WHA). Much of the puff-piece was about Ms. Redmon and her accomplishments as a female: “I’ve been … Continue reading

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The negative economic impact of government education projects

Statists never abandon their attempts to justify various government projects: welfare, employment and education are the big three—all subsidized with taxes and removing vast amounts of money from the productive private economy. A recent Wilmington StarNews article by Phil Fuhrer … Continue reading

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Southern coastal resource development under assault

While well-funded, highly organized environmental activists saturate the media with protectionist propaganda about “saving” superficial and obscure components of the natural world for esoteric interests, the much more important hidden energy resources that provide American wealth so we all can … Continue reading

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Off base on offshore drilling

In the current debate here in North Carolina about exploring the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf for potential oil and gas drilling, the common arguments swirl around emotion (fear of oil spill) and economics (jobs, tax revenue, etc.). Environmental activists promote … Continue reading

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