Environmental high costs and low benefits

Rogue environmental activists deeply entrenched in the federal Environmental Protection Agency keep digging American citizens deeper into their black holes. Encouraged/supported/mandated by radicals in the Obama administration EPA operatives run amok with increasingly punishing and unabated regulations. For example, Obama publicly promised to shut down the American coal-energy industry. Of course, the result will restrict our access to inexpensive, efficient and comforting heat and air-conditioning.

One of the latest EPA outrages imposes $10 billion annual costs on our utility industry. That, naturally, will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher energy bills. Rules (not legislation) now in place will shut down hundreds of existing energy-producing plants and severely limit building new ones—regulating by making it too costly to build and operate.

EPA bureaucrats claim that public health benefits from reduced air pollution will range from $37 billion to $90 billion, and “could prevent up to 11,000 premature deaths each year.” But how do they know that? With the self-serving propaganda of activist groups and deceptions common in our federal government to fool us into accepting unpopular regulations these claims are highly suspect. For instance, the American Lung Association claims the similar numbers of people die from second-hand smoke (“environmental tobacco”). These bogus figures are not supported by properly objective scientific studies.

These people have no interest in considering the cost of their regulations—not surprising because increasing pollution regulations become less and less cost-effective and more and more difficult to implement resulting in more economic harm than presumed benefits.

Next spring the U. S. Supreme Court will hear challenges to the EPA rules brought by half the State’s attorneys general and power companies. Unfortunately for us, the Supremes are unlikely to rule in favor of the American citizens—five of the nine black-robed court members sided mostly with EPA bureaucrats in recent cases, according to a Wall Street Journal (wsj.com) report by Amy Harder and Brent Kendall.

One of the most egregious court actions was the 2007 ruling that allowed the EPA to regulate life-giving carbon dioxide as an “air pollutant.” This assisted “climate change” activists and media people to further perpetrate the hoax of manmade causes for Earth’s history of regular and often dramatic changing climate.

Meanwhile, down-to-earth State regulators in Florida, reported by Tampa Bay Times staff writer Ivan Penn (tampabay.com), decided to pull the plug on taxpayer subsidies to solar and other inefficient, costly energy sources. Ironically, according to people representing Florida utilities, it’s cheaper for them to produce a kilowatt of electricity than to “save” it.

Environmental meddlers and manipulators operate a powerful cabal in America; complete with their own deceptive language. Schemes to “save” energy result only in benefits to the statists and higher costs to consumers.

When prices increase most people are quick to blame the utility companys rather than the actual culprits: federal government bureaucrats and their organized and well-funded activist enablers.


About R. E. Smith Jr.

Mr. Smith writes essays and commentary on politics, American history, environment, higher education and culture. He's been published in print media and at blog sites for about 25 years. Smith's formal education includes B.S. and M.S. degrees from the State University of New York and Syracuse University. He has earned a 21-credit hour Certificate in Professional Writing from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Training/work experience: NYS Ranger School; U. S. Army, Corp of Engineers; soil scientist and forester with USDA; Assoc. Professor at SUNY; real estate agent; small business owner.
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