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Bad federal laws that should be repealed

George Leef of the Pope Center for Higher Education in Raleigh, N. C. has a great list of New Year resolutions for our Congress to seriously consider in his Forbes article cited below. Repealing bad laws should be a high … Continue reading

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A lesson in economics- corporate welfare

The No 2 “TOP STORIES OF 2014” published in the Wilmington StarNews was titled, “N. C. lawmakers gut film tax incentive program”—clearly showing editorial bias. People at this paper have been heavily invested in promoting film-fun activities during the past … Continue reading

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The perilous Endangered Species Act

A front-page story in the Wilmington StarNews print edition, titled in large print: “Shorebird in peril,” alerts us to a manmade human peril, the federal Endangered Species Act administered by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Environmentalists in cahoots … Continue reading

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Taxpayers again snookered with unnecessary debt

While the Wilmington StarNews is “Stage struck” and the Cape Fear Community College Director of Marketing (why do they need this position?) believes a new $45 million mega-building will be a “game-changer for downtown,” probably few local taxpayers know that … Continue reading

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Police “harassment”

The following email I received is clever, humorous and the author has some very good and valid points about the value of policing our society, and why we need civilian police. It does also, however, reinforce the reality that we … Continue reading

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Understanding the meaning of equality

In recent years much has been spoken and written about the meaning of the word equality—mostly in context with society, regarding the relationships among humans. Some Americans seem obsessed with the concept and use it to demand certain kinds of … Continue reading

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Soviet-style deceitful planning

We should not confuse physical sciences with social sciences. And we need to beware of Soviet-style bureaucratic planners in government who conceitedly think that they are smarter than the rest of us. The tip-off to their wrong-headed ideas and inevitable … Continue reading

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