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Government is the problem

“We need to get the government out of student aid rather than trying to deal with the numerous problems it causes by imposing futile and meddlesome regulations.” __George Leef Advertisements

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Middle-of-the-road fallacy

” We must compromise”; “We should be nonpartisan”; “We want to get things done.” These frequently heard phrases by political “moderates” or “centrists” indicate their desire for conflicting government factions to get along—mission impossible. American political divides have eroded into … Continue reading

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The myth of national unity

Prof. Thomas DiLorenzo debunks the myth of “national unity.” America has never been “unified.” It’s too big, cumbersome and diverse to be a unified nation. Our States joined in a weak confederacy remain the fundamental units of our republic.

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To the victors…moderation

Much talk and print has been devoted to speculation about what the recent election results portend in the U. S. Senate for both the victors and the spoilers. The press woos so-called “moderate” Republicans and Democrats in hopes of helping … Continue reading

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Ethanol mandates: bad news for consumers

The federal Renewable Fuel Standard subsidizes ethanol and forces it into our gasoline market–good for ethanol producers, but bad for our gasoline consumer markets. We need gasoline; we don’t need ethanol that can be harmful to production facilities and to … Continue reading

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Give me liberty….

Recently, on a trip to a conference at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia my travel companion and I stopped at Red Hill the final home and resting place of Patrick Henry, now a national memorial to this man called “Voice … Continue reading

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We’ve been here before….

When I was five-years old President Franklin Roosevelt had been tinkering with socialist schemes for six years, inflicting permanent damage on these United States. As with the current destructive Obama administration, voters had enough of economic stagnation, high unemployment, failed … Continue reading

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