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Distorting education

George Leef, writing at the North Carolina John Locke Foundation’s Statewide Issues Blog The Locker Room, passes on another commentary on the sad state of our current political campaign. Advertisements

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Yellen about a wealth gap

Recently, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen “sounded an alarm” about income inequality in America, according to an Associated Press article by Martin Crutsinger. Income and wealth disparities are not in her job description. So, we should question why this concerns … Continue reading

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Unanswered political questions in North Carolina

Here in North Carolina the Kay Hagan vs.Thom Tillis for U. S. Senate debates have ended. Thank goodness. Of course, they weren’t really debates—mostly they were denunciation declarations: As the incumbent Democrat senator, “She voted with Obama 96 percent of … Continue reading

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Our language, our culture

More evidence of the fracturing of American culture: our foundational English language. Tim Henderson reporting at cites some census data and the American Community Survey analyzed by Stateline. During the past 14 years the number of people living in … Continue reading

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Kay Hagan and cronyism

Investigative work by Don Carrington with the Carolina Journal reveals some crony relationships between family business and USDA playing with “green” energy public money. Read the latest at the link below.

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Spotlight on “Greenlight” wind-scheme in North Carolina

We’ve often written at this site about the vast spidery web woven by environmental activists. They infiltrate federal and state governments, nonprofit groups and crony businesses. Recently, Don Carrington, executive editor of the Carolina Journal, and CJ staff have exposed … Continue reading

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Education monopolists

Wilmington StarNews (presumably publisher Robert Gruber and editorialist Tricia Vance) has requested financial records of locally operating Charter Day School, Inc. Last month they filed a lawsuit to get “salaries and bonuses for headmasters and other employees” from the management. … Continue reading

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