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Ill winds from a misguided environmentalist

A recent letter to the Wilmington StarNews from a UNC-Wilmington graduate student demonstrated the ignorance of some of our young people and how they are being indoctrinated with the religion of environmentalism at our universities. The first indication of this … Continue reading

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State of North Carolina vs. City of Wilmington and OPM

More evidence of too much government comes to us in a September Greater Wilmington (NC) Business Journal report by Jenny Callison about conflicts between state and municipal entities—involving other people’s money (OPM), of course. ( Recently, the North Carolina State … Continue reading

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Tourism and government bureaucracy

Recently I attended presentations by staff people employed by the New Hanover County (NC) Tourism Development Authority (TDA). During a two-hour self-promotional session they touted a “Marketing Plan” for the year ending June 2015. I noticed mostly women in the … Continue reading

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To secede or not, that is a good question

Increasingly, we read of dissolving the “political bands” which have connected people to a larger state entity. Last week Scots voted on the issue of disbanding from the United Kingdom—as it turns out not so united. A slight majority agreed … Continue reading

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Divided America

A good explanation of why our country is so polarized.

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Birds of a feather

A flippant headline, “Global warming may mean bye-bye for some birdies,” from an Associated Press story by Seth Borenstein indicates that maybe even some press editors are becoming skeptical about the unbelievable hype over the man-made “global warming” theory. Many … Continue reading

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“Too big not to fail”

This title comes from a Russian author responding to the question: “Too big to fail?” related to Lessons From the Demise of the Soviet Union. Kirkpatrick Sale, an essayist published in Donald Livingston’s book, Rethinking the American Union for the … Continue reading

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