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Government sponsored conferences on “innovation”

With the nebulous and questionable purpose of “raising the profile of the start-up community,”(whatever that is) the mostly public-funded, University of North Carolina-sponsored Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) promotes itself this week with, what else?—a conference. Conferences provide opportunities … Continue reading

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Evil is as evil does

Jonah Goldberg, a thinker and writer I admire, recently commented on the word ‘evil’ in connection with the depraved terror tactics of Islamists. Mr. Goldberg notes that some journalists and academics object to the word because it harks back to … Continue reading

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What fools these mortals be….Shakespeare

Sea-levels on planet Earth have been rising and falling for millions of years responding to natural dynamic geophysical forces, cooling and warming climate changes and the gravitational influence of its moon. Daily tides vary from a few inches to many … Continue reading

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Civil unrest and enemies of the state

The first time I heard of the Ferguson, Missouri police shooting of a young black man came from an acquaintance’s comment: “Police shot an unarmed teenager who was simply walking in the street.” Initially, I was skeptical, but because of … Continue reading

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Are we, the People, becoming enemies of the state?

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“Backlash against state GOP”

Another Democrat-inspired hit-piece against North Carolina State House Speaker Thom Tillis appeared in the Wilmington StarNews this week. Mateo Gold wrote in the Washington Post. She attempted to pump up the weak Democrat candidate Sen. Kay Hagan and made copious … Continue reading

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“Uncertainty” for crony capitalists

Oh, woe is us. There is “uncertainty” in Wilmywood—a crony system of local and State government operators and a marginal, fickle film business formerly operating from the Left Coast. Hunter Ingram reporting in the Wilmington, N.C. StarNews described the dilemma … Continue reading

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