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Pity Big Film

Another pathetic plea for continued taxpayer support of the film industry located in Wilmington North Carolina was published by the StarNews. An editorial in “Your Letters” (July 10, 2014) illustrates the ignorance and selfishness of many people in our current … Continue reading

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Warmers vs. Deniers

Those of us who have constrained visions and use real science rather than ideology and politics to decide what environmental policies to support (or reject) are dubbed “deniers”—in the case of attempts to blame people for and manipulate world climate. … Continue reading

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The sad legacy of the Utopian “Great Society”

Despite frequent calls for “honest dialogue” about race, especially regarding the Negro race, in America there can be no display of integrity with this issue because it has become virally political, industrialized and federalized. Mongers profit by perpetuating the worn … Continue reading

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