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Government solutions for its irreparable damage

The Wilmington, N. C. city government has taken on the task of solving a long-term cultural problem. Despite the fact that the American government model was “instituted” only to “secure” our individual “Rights,” politicians and bureaucrats continue to meddle in … Continue reading

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Behind the “climate change” curtain

“You can fool some of the people….” For years since the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports,’ advocating a theory that manmade carbon dioxide emissions cause excessive earthly temperature increases, we skeptics have been labeled “deniers” and told … Continue reading

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Statist of the week: E. J. Dionne

One of the most economically ignorant and partisan political writers in Washington, D. C., E. J. Dionne of the Washington Post, frequently gets editorial space in the Wilmington StarNews. This week StarNews editors published a Dionne article that supports the … Continue reading

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Warmers’ promoting a “Sting”

Historian John Lukacs wrote about the nature of the fears of Communists during the last century in his concise little book, “A Short History of the Twentieth Century.” Communist revolutions were unsuccessful everywhere but in Russia, writes Lukacs. And the … Continue reading

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Real money vs. fiat money

George Leef with the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy in Raleigh, N. C. reviews a new book in Forbes online. Our money isn’t backed by anything of value and is controlled by government “experts” supposedly smarter than the rest … Continue reading

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Student loan cronyism

A reporter with reveals more government-finance cronyism operating through a “private” organization called Sallie Mae. Two problems here: young people have been propagandized to believe they must spend four years in college (many stay for five or six years … Continue reading

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How much environmentalism can we afford?

Many cases from the past several decades could be cited of how environmentalist-promoted schemes—deceit, coercion, laws, regulations and lawsuits—have resulted in social grief and economic damage to Americans. Under the current federal administration these activities accelerate and proliferate. The continued … Continue reading

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