Process and personalities vs. a real important problem

Statists focus on political processes and personalities to divert attention from real problems that we Americans face from an increasingly totalitarian federal government. The biggest problem we have is a large disconnect between the American people and the political class firmly entrenched in Washington, D. C. Most politicians-for-life believe that we are ignorant rubes who don’t understand political complexities—problems created by the political class.

After Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruzes’ recent “filibuster” on the Senate floor—reminiscent of a real “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” moment— he said it was all about “elevating the debate” and listening to the American people. Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid disdainfully dismissed his efforts as “a waste of time.” These comments clearly reveal how arrogantly out-of-touch the Washington political establishment is with the American people.

“Tea Party” Republican Ted Cruz—one of a few of his kind with the courage and tenacity to stand for what he promised his constituents—spent 21 grueling hours on the Senate floor discussing an upcoming vote on a House bill to defund ObamaCare, a.k.a. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. During and after this event he was attacked from nearly every quarter of the Washington political establishment—including people who should have stood up for him on principle.

Sen. Cruz was accused of having no “endgame.” But, as reported in the Investor’s Business Daily (, his stated goal was to: “Dare Reid to keep voting (on the House bill) setting in motion a government shutdown (Cruz said it was not his intention to shut it down).

Cruzes’ strategy was then to have the House pass numerous government funding bills without one to fund ObamaCare. If the 46 Senate Republicans stand together on this—as they did on a defunding measure last March—Sen. Reid would be forced “to adopt a procedure that would require a 60-vote threshold to pass an amendment striking the defunding provision.” In the process, red-state Senate Democrats might also be encouraged to join the Senate Republicans.

Some pundits believe that a delay tactic, rather than defunding would be doable. Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker likes this idea, but she made a bigger contribution in a recent article listing the damages being done by ObamaCare and lies told by supporters about it.

Companies and healthcare facilities are reducing work hours and employees to comply with the law; unemployed or low income young people “will have trouble paying premiums”; many under-30 will decline to buy insurance and face tax bills from the IRS; “the law is being applied unfairly and unequally with exemptions and delays offered to special groups” (typical of all federal social programs); union leaders have denounced the ACA saying “it would destroy the backbone of the American middle-class.” Adding insult to injury, it’s likely that all federal politicians, staff and employees may be exempt from the monstrous, “mandated” ObamaCare. (link)

Ms. Parker didn’t need to remind some of us of the blatant lies repeatedly told by President Obama and his minions that this program will be affordable and that employees will be able to keep their current insurance and doctors—it’s embarrassingly obvious.

Still those who rely only on the mainstream media for information on this huge social problem will not get it—so many are deeply invested in protecting Obama that they must blow smokescreen stories about personalities and political processes rather than substantial information about what’s really going on.


About R. E. Smith Jr.

Mr. Smith writes essays and commentary on politics, American history, environment, higher education and culture. He's been published in print media and at blog sites for about 25 years. Smith's formal education includes B.S. and M.S. degrees from the State University of New York and Syracuse University. He has earned a 21-credit hour Certificate in Professional Writing from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Training/work experience: NYS Ranger School; U. S. Army, Corp of Engineers; soil scientist and forester with USDA; Assoc. Professor at SUNY; real estate agent; small business owner.
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