The immorality of “Moral Mondays” protests

Social “justice” activists often shroud themselves in morality. They protest in “civil disobedience” for infinite causes. But they lobby and pressure government to take wealth from the general citizenry and distribute it to satisfy the wants of select groups.

This is contrary to established moral principles; the definition of immorality. Taking the property of others by force for personal benefits that increase dependency is wrong. We should identify these people by their proper name: immoralists.

A Wilmington StarNews article by Molly Parker illustrates the unethical behavior of protesters against “Republican-led policies” in “emotion-packed” rallies at the State Capital in Raleigh sponsored by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). (link)

A quote from Deborah Maxwell, president of the New Hanover County chapter of the NAACP, shows her misguided attitude: “It’s important to fight for the rights of people in North Carolina.” To what “people” and what “rights” did she refer? Why does she want to pick a fight with our elected representatives?

The clue to those questions appears in her comment that “The state (North Carolina) used to be known for more progressive policies.” Yes, Deborah, that’s the problem. Progressive policies have contributed to social strife, including wasted public resources, corruption, economic class conflicts and high unemployment.

The cry for “social justice” comes from the sinful emotion of envy.

Thomas Sowell in his book, “The Quest for Cosmic Justice,” writes that “the mirage of equality promotes inequality in the real world.” Ideological equality crusaders promote envy,” says Dr. Sowell. And envy that shows hostility to other people has a high cost—both to society at large and to “the poor especially.” Envy misdirects their ideas and wastes their energies.

If the NAACP wants to help advance their lower class people, Dr. Sowell (a black man) suggests that it should help them acquire the human capital used by successful people: education, job skills, discipline and foresight.

Instead the “Moral Mondays” gang spends their energies disrupting the legislative process in Raleigh with “boisterous” chants, waving signs and disturbing the peace, and neglects the personal needs of the people they profess to want to help—that’s immoral.


About R. E. Smith Jr.

Mr. Smith writes essays and commentary on politics, American history, environment, higher education and culture. He's been published in print media and at blog sites for about 25 years. Smith's formal education includes B.S. and M.S. degrees from the State University of New York and Syracuse University. He has earned a 21-credit hour Certificate in Professional Writing from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Training/work experience: NYS Ranger School; U. S. Army, Corp of Engineers; soil scientist and forester with USDA; Assoc. Professor at SUNY; real estate agent; small business owner.
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