Why extend the reach of the UNC system?

Typically, the statist Editorial Board at the Wilmington StarNews frequently gives large OP/ED space to University of North Carolina spokesmen (sometimes even women). Of course these people usually spread some leftist cause or promote more public spending for the bloated UNC system.

True-to-form, recently, the chancellor of UNC-Wilmington, Jose V. Sartarelli, wrote under the headline, “Extend reach of UNC system.” (Link below) Contrary to the skeptical why associated with free, open societies, Sartarelli says he likes to ask (the utopian-inspired) why not.  He comes from Brazil with a long history of political chaos, military dictators and communism. Sartarelli was educated in the U. S., but likely he retains socialist cultural and economic views.

Most Americans probably agree with the chancellor that education “changes people and societies for the better,” (questionable in modern, politicized Big.Edu); and that “opportunities for higher education should be available to everyone.”

But in America that has happened, unlike most countries in the world. We don’t need to “extend the reach” of higher education here—we have too many unqualified and uninterested people now in the system.  Further, many State systems have become fronts for leftist political activities and “social justice” propaganda centers, rather than education institutions.

Even Sartarelli admits “not everyone wants or needs a college degree.” Yet, he contradicts that with “collectively we must educate more of our citizens.” Why? Education is a personal activity, not a collectivist venture—motivated by the individual, not the state. Higher education should be available only for those who highly value it, want to work hard to achieve it, and are willing to pay for most of it.

Sartarelli’s rhetoric seems that of a central planner—a statist who presumes to see the future and wastes our resources on his cosmic visions—not an educator. He talks about North Carolina needing “to catch up with other states.” Why? Education isn’t a competitive sporting event, although sports helps keep the empire well funded (and has corrupted academics at UNC).

Our higher education institutions exist (or should) to provide those who desire and value it classical knowledge of history, religion, science, mathematics, economics, English literature, philosophy and logic—to be wiser, better people. They do not (or should not) exist to stuff as many student bodies in infinite space provided at little cost to the stuffees for their personal comfort and enjoyment.

Sadly, that seems to be the mission of most of our modern college and university administrators. And statists such as Chancellor Sartarelli continue to promote the quantity extension of higher education institutions rather than improve the quality of and access to valuable individual knowledge.



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Don’t care much about history

The reputation of the region of the United States below the Potomac today suffers from (the) same forces from which the Middle Ages suffered at the hands of historians during the Enlightenment. Chroniclers of Southern history often do not grasp the most elementary concept of sound historiography: the ability to appraise the past by standards other than those of the present.

___ Prof. Clyde Wilson

  Recently, in a letter to the Wilmington StarNews, Mr. James Hubbard wrote suggesting it’s time to “retire the antebellum motif of the (Wilmington, N. C.) Azalea Festival.” He thinks that “hoop skirts and escorts dressed in confederate-style uniforms” celebrates “one of the darkest times in our history…when slavery was the law of the land.”

And, writes Hubbard, “let’s stop pretending.” How about the “downside of the antebellum era.” “We could put up a stocks (sic) at the Bellamy Mansion and re-enact a slave being disciplined…renact (sic) a slave auction on the steps of the courthouse.” “And…re-enact a slave hanging down on the waterfront!”

Hubbard concludes his view of the old South with “There is nothing romantic about the antebellum era.”

Nothing? Clearly, Mr. Hubbard has a severely distorted modernist view of American history.

If we purge everything in America that could remind us of the history of slavery and the views toward imported Africans, we must denounce virtually every native American that lived in every State in the nineteenth Century—starting with the “great emancipator,” Abraham Lincoln and “Yankee” disdain for the Negro.

In his 1861 inaugural address Lincoln reflecting the attitude of most Americans during that period Lincoln said, “I have no purpose directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it now exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.”

In fact, Lincoln approved a new constitutional amendment passed by Congress protecting slavery. “To the effect that the Federal Government shall never interfere with the domestic institutions of the States, including that of persons held to service…I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.”

Judging Lincoln by today’s assumed morality, then, we should condemn that former president. He was not the abolitionist Northern historians have told us he was. If we are to “stop pretending” about Southern history, let’s do so regarding the mythical tales about Lincoln.

By current social standards he was a racist; he had no compassion for Negroes, and proposed a scheme to ship them all back to Africa; his phony “emancipation” applied only to Southern States and was widely condemned as an immoral, cynical ploy to encourage Southern Negroes to kill all white Southerners. That never happened despite them being emancipated.

Lincoln started an unnecessary war (slavery could have ended peacefully) by invading Southern States—whose only “crime” was to be independent of a tyrannical federal government—causing death and destruction to hundreds of thousands of Americans and their property; destroying the livelihoods of millions of innocent Negroes; violating our Constitution, forever rending the former union, and turning our republic into an empire.

So, following Mr. Hubbard’s suggestion to cleanse our history of evil, we should revoke the federal celebration of Lincoln’s Birthday; declare his home State of Illinois a “Rogue State” because he agreed with its law’s to prohibit Negroes from living there; and tear down the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

Those purges should help prevent future idolizing of one of the “darkest” figures in American history.

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Yankee abolitionists: evil and wrong



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Irrational behavior – Confederaphobia

It’s a fearful time in America—and the only thing we have to fear is the leftist revolutionaries who have created chaos within our cultural values.

David Kupelian in his 2015 book, The Snapping of the American Mind exposes “both the utopian revolutionaries and their extraordinary methods that have turned America’s most cherished values literally upside down—to the point that madness is celebrated and normality demonized.”

Mr. Kupelian documents that nearly half of the American population have mental disorders: millions have major depression, mood disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, panic, post-traumatic stress, generalized disorder, social phobia and specific phobia (persistent fear and avoidance of a specific object or situation). (Link below)

Paul Graham writes about Confederaphobia at the Abbeville Institute website (second Link below).

Mr. Graham encourages those with Confederate heritage and their supporters not to despair or fear the hatred spewed by those afflicted with Confederaphobia disorder. He advises us that we are not alone and that many history resources are available to help educate those of us who received the omitted and distorted “Yankee” versions of Confederate history.

For some good “primers” on “The War to Prevent Southern Independence” and honest Confederate history see the Amazon websites below.

For people interested in unbiased Confederate history of North Carolina check the following independent historian websites: www.cfhi.net; www.circa1865.com







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Profiles in privilege

Many people in American society who promote socialist, Marxist and other totalitarian ideas want to deprive us of confidence, spirit and freedom. They discourage or deter positive attitudes by promoting victimology, “social justice,” and gender politics. Some women seem especially prone to impose their personal problems negatively on the rest of society—they call themselves feminists. Typically, they are blatant hypocrites and do not practice what they “preach.”

Dr. Mike Adams, a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, has spent years exposing these subversives now firmly entrenched in most of our American institutions of higher education. Unfortunately, they continue to push their biased, negative and wrong ideas into the confused minds of our easily intimidated and already mostly leftist- indoctrinated young people. (See Link below.)

Recently, I noticed a letter to the editorial board of the Wilmington StarNews by a female UNCW professor in the Sociology and Criminology Department. (Letter below) She wrote about a political revolt that took place nearly 120 years ago here in Wilmington between Northern carpetbaggers, scalawags and freed Negroes, and the native population.

During the past more than 20 years I have lived here Black activists, StarNews staff and university faculty have promoted a distorted view of this event and continue to agitate for “reconciliation” and reparations. They assume that nothing has changed since 1898 and that the native residents were wrong in taking back their government badly corrupted by armed, ignorant and hateful occupiers.

The UNCW faculty feminist (a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) used the same propaganda repeated by these people in past decades to spread guilt and culpability among the current white residents:  “It is time for Wilmington to have a truth and reconciliation commission to address our history and current challenges with racial injustice,” she wrote.

I’ve not seen any evidence of “racial injustice” in Wilmington. What is this woman talking about? In fact our white ruling class has gone out of its way to placate local Black activists.

Several years ago there was a “truth” commission made up of a select, biased group that revised the actual eye-witness history of the 1898 Revolution that has been repeated often in apocryphal accounts. Ms. UNCW continues the false indictment… “about our painful history of white supremacist ideologies and the inherited privilege that is conferred upon white citizens at the painful expense of people of color.” This is classic Marxist hype designed to agitate animosity between classes of people.

Ironically, Ms. UNCW is very white in complexion, and she’s had an “inherited” privileged life, based on her picture and biography at the UNCW website.

Furthermore, I doubt if this woman has any true understanding of Southern history. Apparently, her family lived in Maine and she was educated in other New England states—where, likely, she was indoctrinated with radical tales of the evil Southerners.

Also revealing, she describes her life as a “victim of domestic violence and sexual assault.” In my opinion her chosen life experiences have left her with a warped view of reality that, sadly, she now has an opportunity to pass on to young people.

Her areas of interest include “Social Justice,” “Feminist Perspectives on Justice,” “Restorative Justice” (whatever that is?) and “Violence Against Women.” She teaches “Victimology” and “Social Justice.”

Woe to the innocent students exposed to her biases on “extreme poverty amidst opulent wealth,” “wealthy people living in mansions…throwing away food,” “migrant workers,” “radicalized inequality,” “back-breaking labor,””gender inequality,” and “racism and economic inequality”; all of which have strongly influenced her thinking, according to her biography.

I predict her students will come out of class with distorted views of life. Instead of being properly educated, uplifted and encouraged about life, they will probably be looking at the world negatively. And deterred, feel, too, that they are victims of circumstances over which they have no control—another discouraging condition infused into academia by “privileged” faculty.




Our past still haunts us

EDITOR: Is it time for Wilmington to have a truth and reconciliation commission to address our history and current challenges with racial injustice?

Our history is complicated, our current challenges are many. There is a palpable and urgent need to address the issues that continue to impact our community. Before reconciliation can be achieved, however, there needs to be truthful acknowledgment of how we got here and where we go from here. That truthful acknowledgment must include a candid discussion about our painful history of white supremacist ideologies and the inherited privilege that is conferred upon white citizens at the painful expense of people of color.

Over the years we have seen many initiatives aimed at helping to heal our community, such as the Wilmington in Black and White series, the 1898 Memorial Foundation, and faith communities hosting discussion series for racial reconciliation. All those efforts have been tremendously valuable. Yet, the pain and frustration continues.

I think it’s time, once again, to continue the conversation. This would not be to demonize anyone; rather the purpose would be to take responsibility and promote truth (the whole truth, the historical truth, the contemporary truth). Would others be interested in in (sic) developing a truth and reconciliation model, or a model based on Coming to the Table dialogue? It is in the coming together that will, hopefully, move us closer to reconciliation.

Kimberly J. Cook, Wilmington

Editor’s note: The writer is Professor of Sociology & Criminology at UNC Wilmington and a restorative justice practitioner.

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The abuse of science

The dregs of the Obama administration and its willing dupes in politics, academia and media pursue unrelenting, egregious attacks on President Trump and his cabinet members. (Link below) Some of the most vituperative assaults come from those with visceral hatred of skeptics who question the wildly irresponsible claims that human activities drive climate change. Anyone questioning their Marxist worldview is subject to vitriol—thus, the editorial headline: “EPA is a casualty in war on science.”

…this from obviously ignorant, political operatives at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and endorsed by the Wilmington StarNews Editorial Board. (Link below)

Under the Obama administration the federal Environmental Protection Agency was largely seen by many Americans as another superfluous power group that superseded the classical rules of science for political purposes.

One of its most absurd EPA statements was that “Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas that is contributing to recent climate change.” There is no sound scientific proof of that. But those who practice the religion of environmentalism promulgate it as “settled science.” Only fools believe that findings of science can be fixed definitely as desired.

Thus, predictably, editors, pundits and leftist politicians use verbiage to discredit Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s choice of administrator of the EPA. Pruitt is a skeptic about manmade activities changing our climate—as are many climate scientists. One prominent climate scientist has said, “It takes only one good piece of evidence to destroy a scientific theory.” And manmade climate change is only a theory—and a flawed one.

Roy W. Spencer, a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama, Huntsville authored Climate Confusion and The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World’s Top Climate Scientists. Dr. Spencer co-developed a method for precise monitoring of global temperatures from earth-orbiting satellites. Prior to this relatively recent development earth-surface temperature recordings were highly variable and unreliable.

Spencer and his research team have found that our climate system is much less sensitive to so-called “greenhouse gas emissions” than the “experts” claim it is. In fact, most meteorologists believe that future global temperatures are about as likely to cause earth cooling as they are to cause warming. Earth geo-history gives evidence of that. For example, Greenland once supported agricultural activities and Europeans experienced a “Little Ice-Age.”

Dr. Spencer’s research shows that the established natural climate system on planet Earth is probably responsible for most of the warming we have seen during the past 100 years based on satellite-measured evidence. This self-induced mode of climate variability is called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO).

Furthermore, there has been no measurable global warming during the past nearly 20 years according to what I have read. Likely as not, climate change is simply another of the natural environmental cycles on Earth—water cycle, carbon cycle, etc.

Dr. Spencer refers to the natural climate cycle as “climate chaos.” His evidence of the cause of climate change includes a factor ignored by most so-called scientists—something grade schoolers once knew influenced earth’s temperature—clouds.

The issue of promoting cataclysmic destruction caused by human activity is made-to-order for totalitarians proselytizing the gospel of environmentalism: worship the sacred goddess of earth (Gaea); promote guilt about harming her (carbon emissions); spread remorse for wrongdoing (repentance); demand salvation (change your lifestyle); pay for sins (carbon taxes, etc.).

This is not science, it is pagan worship designed to control the minds of the masses—the abuse of science for evil purposes.




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Politics, potty-training and blackmail

Conservative talk-show hosts often refer to progressives’ “bed wetting,” or “soiling themselves”—alluding to their infantile uncontrollable reactions when they don’t get their way and their irrational behavior over words and actions by adults on the political Right.

Such has been the case here in North Carolina for many moons since the State legislature passed House Bill 2 (HB2); the so-called “Bathroom Bill.”

It all began in the City of Charlotte where officials passed an ordinance that allowed men in women’s restrooms and required businesses to reconstruct bathrooms to accommodate “transgender” mandates—a miniscule number of very strange people in the population.

These sexual perversions were instigated by radical leftists in Equality NC and a Washington, D. C.-based homosexual lobbying group Human Rights Campaign. They plan to have every North Carolina city burdened with similar ordinances. State legislators foiled their scheme by requiring that Charlotte revoke its order and, then, passing HB2.

Now, the radicals pressure our legislators to repeal HB2 by enlisting “useful idiots” from media, sports groups and political hirelings. Their tactics include various coercions and blackmail. They promote their agenda as “rights” and “protection” for transgendered, who have nothing to fear except themselves—but it’s not about that.

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, interviewed on “What Matters in North Carolina” by the host Mark Shiver, (reported in the January issue of Civitas NC Capitol Connection-nccapitolconnection.com) said:

This wasn’t a transgender issue. There was no transgender problem out there. This is a typical leftist sexual revolution type of push, where they’re trying to push their agenda on the state of North Carolina, like they do in (other States).

Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the NC Values Coalition, another guest on “What Matters in North Carolina,” said a repeal of HB2 and going back to a “reset” before the time of Charlotte’s ordinance would simple allow Equality NC and the Human Rights Campaign to pass ordinances in every North Carolina city and “force their sexual perversion on the entire state.”

Some sports association directors and a few corporate CEOs are all in on this. They are blackmailing our State legislators with threats.

Gary D. Robertson, reporting for the Associated Press: “The North Carolina Sports Association, in a letter to the legislature, urged lawmakers to address House Bill 2 or ‘our state’s sports tourism industry will suffer crushing, long-term losses and will essentially close its doors to NCAA business.’” Robertson also reports that some businesses have halted expansions and musicians cancelled concerts in this State.

Meanwhile, the State economy—despite attempts by these people to damage it—makes a “Carolina Comeback.” Building is booming in many places to accommodate a large influx of retirees and workers; the most recent 12 months of data show GDP growth at 2.3 percent for North Carolina compared with 1.2 percent nationally (Carolina Journal editors suggest that the late Obama administration policies were “bad for the Tar Heel State”). (Link below)

State policies under a Republican governor and legislature have lowered taxes, reduced regulation, and built a “rainy-day fund” helping make this State a desirable place to live—now, if the agitators would leave….

Of course, we now have a Democrat Governor, Roy Cooper, who coerces the legislature to do his bidding (repeal HB2) along with the State Democrat Party and various radical, activist street agitators, such as members of the NAACP. These subversives do all they can to sabotage the majority Republican legislature, and often display their disdain for most State citizens who agree with their elected representatives.

Then, take the media…please!

The Wilmington StarNews Editorial Board weighs in, as usual—on the wrong side of the issue. And even two well-known Duke and UNC college basketball coaches have embarrassed themselves and their schools by butting-into politics and sexual identity. Could it be that some of their basketball players are cross-dressers or biological women on steroids?

Editors and coaches say that HB2 is a “bad and unnecessary law.” They don’t explain why this law is “bad,” and, if it’s unnecessary, what’s the problem? Who cares? We have lots of unnecessary legislation. (2nd Link below)

Strangely, editors seem to agree. They say transgendered people look normal; they are always “extra discreet”; and “they are not looking for trouble.” But none of that is true based on the example they give of a transgender using an HB2 appropriate restroom: “Do you really want a biological woman with a full beard and mustache who might be dressed like a lumberjack in the woman’s bathroom?”

Well…speaking as a man, I don’t care. Unless she has homicidal tendencies, she is probably no threat to other women; although they should cautiously watch her.

But it does bother me that a husky, well-endowed man, dressed like a female prostitute could be mingling with women and girls in their restrooms and showers.

My bottom line on this: HB2 just isn’t worth all the bed-wetting by the progressive Left. They have soiled themselves in order to further their sexual revolution—an agenda rational North Carolinians will reject.

https://www.carolinajournal.com/print-edition/volume-26-issue-2-february-2017/ (p. 20)


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