Perspective on race-hustlers

David Duke Does Not Represent Conservative Louisiana

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How deplorable can you be?

Hillary Clinton, Democrat candidate for president of the United States, recently attempted to defame millions of supporters of her Republican opponent Donald Trump. She said in a public speech that many of them are “a basket of deplorables.” Aside from the fact that she used the adjective deplorable incorrectly as a noun, and an infantile metaphor, Mrs. Clinton slandered a large number of Americans by essentially calling them wretched or bad.

In my opinion, Clinton is a deplorable person. Below I’ve used many of the synonyms for this word found in my copy of “The Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus.” Some major synonyms correspond roughly to different senses of them in the dictionary—others have finer distinctions.  These describe what I think of her and her ilk.

Hillary Clinton is disgraceful. Her followers are shameful. Her husband is dishonorable. And her views of government are unworthy of Americans. She lies inexcusably. Her deceits are unforgivable; including her unpardonable, unethical activities while Secretary of State.

Mrs. Clinton’s desperate grasp for political power and money is reprehensible. Her vile attitude toward political opponents, their supporters, and her country is despicable. Clinton’s support for the subversive anti-American Obama administration is abominable. She and her staff are contemptible people. In a phrase, she is beyond the pale.

It is lamentable that Mrs. Clinton runs for office; regrettably she touts her primary qualification: being a woman—and a wretched one at that. She has an atrocious, dreadful—even diabolical— personality. Hillary would be a sorry, inadequate person to serve as commander-in-chief of our armed forces. Worse, her political ideas are appalling and her speeches are lousy.

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Sports and politics in North Carolina

Let’s stop taxpayer funding for sports association’s political shenanigans in our State.

NCAA’s #HB2 Political Stunt Financed By Taxpayers

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The myth of multiculturalism

For several decades the Leftist/Progressives in America have promoted the myth, primarily through public schools and universities, that a multicultural society offers a host of societal benefits. Many of us have long argued that this false hope is a lie designed to make people who want to live in America, yet cling to foreign cultures, feel better about their self-imposed segregation and justify their rejection of American traditions.

Some of the gullible now recognizes that multiculturalism and attacks on our heritage have destroyed the unity that once defined America—although they may not admit that these are the causes of our disunity.

It is clear to students of sociology that the most stable countries in the world are those with a single, unifying culture: witness Japan and Switzerland.

In my lifetime we’ve always crudely described our country as a “melting-pot”; reflecting the motto: e pluribus unum (from many, one)—presumably people came to the United States to be Americans. But for a long time subversive groups have worked from outside and within our own country to criticize and undermine our culture.

Now blacks have their own segregated institutions, some rejecting law and order; Muslims live in ghettos under their own religious-mandated laws threatening Western Civilization; Amerindians illegally invade our southern border, fly their own country’s flag at political rallies and demand American citizenship status and benefits.

Anti-American Marxists in our federal government blatantly flaunt our constitutional laws and deceive the public about their activities; abortionists demand unrestricted killing of unborn babies; abnormal sexual activists campaign to violate our moral standards and destroy the meaning of marriage; anti-Christians spread the myth of church-state separation; social radicals hijack our schools to indoctrinate our children with immoral ideas and anti-American propaganda; mainline media serve as an arm of government and leftist causes. College radicals demand removal of cherished historical symbols and monuments.

How can any society persevere against these assaults on its traditions and values? Put differently, how can honorable people allow these vicious hate-groups to attack their heritage, values and ancestors and not fight back?

At this fifteenth anniversary of the Islamist attack on our county in September 2001, Wilmington StarNews editors recall “post-9/11” national unity and question whether it was real. In the era of collectivist “coming together” and “giving back”-propaganda, the editors long for “goodwill and respect for each other” to “bridge our differences.”

Tell that to the murderous Islamic terrorists who, since killing thousands of innocent people on our soil fifteen years ago, continue their violent rampages around the world, while our government officials refuse to even recognize the true purpose of these enemies. Or, for that matter, tell it to the current American president who has shown nothing but “contempt” for his political opponents, the American people and our laws.

In my opinion, it’s these, and other circumstances, that make it “hard to imagine how we can remain united in any sense of the word,” as the editors frame the question.

But, the collective “we” is not to blame for the contemptuous “vitriol” noted by the editors. For evidence of that we need only carefully search recent media archives. There we will find pictures of shouting, violent mobs; irrationally angry demonstrators; murderous assaults on our citizens and disrespect for the police; vandalism, destruction of property and theft.

Civilized people cannot be united and allow uncivilized, lawless people to control the public streets; our government; and our legislative and judicial processes.

Editors believe that “contempt” may “become our new 9/11…worse and longer-lasting than what we experienced” on that fateful day in 2001.

But, as bad as it was, our society didn’t break down at that time. And our contempt was reserved for the Islamic Arab terrorists who held such disrespect for us. In fact, we agreed to go to war with them until federal officials deliberately failed us in that mission.

The current imminent danger for us is that there are people operating in this country—identified as “Americans,” in and out of our government—that undermine our cultural unity by subverting our institutions, religion, traditions and laws.

If this persists with little opposition, America will further devolve into clusters of lawless “sanctuary” cities; dangerous urban ghettos, well-guarded gated communities, with tribal gangs roaming the countryside to prey on innocent citizens. We’ll be like Mexico and corrupt Central American “banana republics.”

Strangely, that’s what some people living in the U. S. seem to want.

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Private parts and politics in North Carolina

This story illustrates how far campaigns by many weird factions of zealots have pushed media into the realm of societal stupidity—or insanity, when you know that it originates with the political Left. Liberalism is a mental disorder as documented by this and many other cases.

David Mildenberg, editor of BUSINESS North Carolina, lays out the tale in a July issue article titled DUG IN”; Subtitle: The battle over House Bill 2 and its impact on North Carolina’s economy seems split between parallel universes.

I don’t know about “parallel universes” but the larger group grounds in reality, the faction exists in a bizarre world of perception where they need “protection” from reality. Mr. Mildenberg summarizes the madcap tale of H.B.2 in the Tar Heel State. As with most urban legends it began in a city—Sweet Charlotte—early this year.

To fulfill a campaign pledge by Mayor Jennifer Roberts the city council (82 percent Democrats) passed a bill to add homosexual and transgender people to a “nondiscrimination” ordinance—common in many of the largest cities in the U. S. That is, people who perceive that they have the other sexual “orientation,” from that with which they were endowed by their Creator, are free to use the bathroom labeled “MEN” or “WOMEN” that identifies with their feeling rather than with their functional genitalia. Rational people don’t understand or accept this queer idea.

Previous to this action the mayor and council were warned by Governor Pat McCrory and State legislators (of course, Republicans) that this was a bad idea because actual males would be able to invade the privacy and threaten the safety of women and young girls in their very private places. Charlotte City Councilman Al Austin, “the first openly gay male elected to the board,” said, “…it was the right thing to do.” With leftists right is often wrong and wrong is right.

In March 2016, responsible adult legislators in the State General Assembly nullified the city ordinance with a “statewide class of nondiscrimination that does not include sexual orientation or gender identity.” Sexually disoriented activists went nuts over “perceived intolerance,” —“international outrage” resulted, as Mildenberg sees it.

Actually, vast numbers of normal citizens in this State were outraged over the outside “outrage”—to them the transgender issue was grossly offensive to decency, morality, good taste; and the safety of women. “For every corporate executive who has expressed concerns about the legislation, there are thousands of others who are very happy to be in North Carolina” said John Rustin, president of the N. C. Family Policy Council. The North Carolina Commerce Secretary John Skvarla describes our State as a “happy place”—clearly evidenced by the thousands of people moving here and our “$500 billion economy.”

To understand this concocted caper we must know the national and State political circumstances in which it occurred. At the national level North Carolina is considered a “swing” or “toss up” State. President Obama won here in 2008 (by just over 14,000 votes) and Romney won against Obama in 2012 by 92,000 votes.


That year, after decades of excessive spending; increasing taxes and regulations; a poor economy and corruption brought on by Democrat control of State government, North Carolina voters elected a Republican governor and a largely conservative General Assembly. The results were dramatic.

Our gross domestic product has grown faster than most States; personal income has risen faster than the national average; employers have added about 265,000 net new jobs; unemployment has dropped faster than the national average; the State legislature cut taxes and has a budget surplus; average teacher pay has gone up about 15 percent; the State is spending hundreds of millions more dollars on highway construction and maintenance.

(Summary from an editorial in the August 2016 Carolina Journal;

Carolina Journal editors point out that although “not all the good outcomes may have resulted directly from state-level policy choices,” discussing these issues “favors Republicans.” Thus, the Left creates nonissues; not on the right side of facts they, for example, “prefer to focus on H.B.2. The Left’s fixation on the bill is wildly, indefensibly disproportionate.”

And, they can count on support from the highest federal government levels. Commenting on a Justice Department lawsuit against the North Carolina law, Attorney General Loretta Lynch called the State law “state-sponsored discrimination” and an “indignity” against “vulnerable” people— who identify with the opposite sex rather than their actual biological identity.

Add nasty, nonprofit activist groups, such as D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign to this charade and phony activities ensue. Mr. Skvarla believes that the HRC is the source that stirred the H.B.2 pot and poured it into the public streets to divert attention from all the good news in North Carolina.  According to Skvarla, this well organized gang threatens corporate CEOs with “negative headlines and potential boycotts if they act contrary” to the HRC positions promoting abnormal sexual behavior.

Mildenberg features HRC president Chad Griffin in the leftist “cast of characters” who “raised the civil rights group’s profile and boosted its coffers, making N.C. ground zero in the debate over transgender rights.”

Mr. Mildenberg also reports that Warren Smith (no relation) a former marketing manager from Asheville, North Carolina says that “The HRC has targeted big firms for more than 25 years, creating a myth that corporate America is with them”—sounds like extortion to me.

The HRC and its State affiliate, Equality North Carolina people, did not return phone calls from Mr. Mildenberg. But their June press release announced: “Dozens of HRC staff have been on the ground [in Asheville, Charlotte and the Triangle], mobilizing pro-equality supporters and talking with voters about the dangerous implications of this harmful legislation.”

Obviously, these instigators have kept this issue going. But many other angry subversive agitators lurk in North Carolina trying to stir up trouble for the elected Republicans.

Sue Myrick working with the Civitas Institute in Raleigh has developed a website called “Mapping the Left”—a database of left-wing nonprofit advocacy groups, funders and individuals that work in coalitions and organized networks “to influence and control public policy.” For example, Equality NC “is a radical liberal political advocacy organization that lobbies the legislature in support of same-sex marriage and lesbian gay bisexual and transgender rights,” described in Mapping the Left.


Civitas people expose more than 300 liberal/progressive foundations funding more than 140 leftist organizations, staffed by more than 1800 people operating in North Carolina. Sixty-five of the funders are based in this State. Contrast that with less than a dozen conservative/libertarian groups established here.

Civitas found that the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation is “the flagship of the Left in North Carolina.” It funnels “tens of millions of dollars a year into groups that lobby for extreme environmental policy, Common Core Standards in the schools, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and gun control.”

Of course, a supportive leftist media does not report this information. So, somehow we are led to believe that a man who decides he wants to be a woman is defined “vulnerable,” and it’s “discrimination” if it isn’t considered appropriate for him to enter and use women’s bathrooms. Thus is the tale of private parts and politics now being imposed on the normal innocent citizens of North Carolina.

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Blatant press bias

Recently, we witnessed one of the most flagrant, shameless examples of media political bias  toward a candidate for president of the United States in our memory. My wife Barbara and I, both in our 80s, attended a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina held on August 9, 2016 to support Republican candidate Donald Trump. We are politically traditional conservatives and believe that Trump is our only hope to defend the U. S. against corrupt establishment politicians that now control the federal government.

We walked for an hour in “real feel” 100 degree temperatures with thousands of southeastern North Carolinians to get seats in the University of North Carolina Trask Coliseum sponsored by college Republican students.

By 1 p.m. the facility was filled with an estimated 6,000 supporters and a small number of hecklers—Trump correctly calls them “haters.” Thousands more supporters couldn’t get in, but waited outside. All the Trump people we saw were excited, enthusiastic and cheerful. Across the street from the entrance I counted about 50 protesters behind a police fence. The next day a Time Warner “reporter” said that they numbered “thousands.”

Predictably, the August 10th front page headline in the Wilmington StarNews announced Trump suggests taking up arms against Clinton. We had carefully listened to the entire comments by Mr. Trump and heard no such suggestion. Above the lead report by staff writer Tim Buckland the subhead read, “Calls for advocates to challenge court nominees.”

Mr. Buckland quoted what Trump said about our constitutional right to “bear arms”: “If (Clinton) gets to pick her (supreme Court) judges, nothing you can do folks; although the second amendment people maybe there is, I don’t know.” Naturally, Buckland added his incendiary commentary: “It was the latest in a series of controversial statements by the Republican nominee that sparked outrage.”

This was not “controversial” to those of us who understand the constitutional issue, and of course the scintillating “outrage” came from a Clinton campaign manager anxious to help the compliant press create more negative news about Mr. Trump, “What Trump is saying is dangerous.”

Thousands of North Carolinians who support our constitutional rights see Mrs. Clinton as dangerous to our republic based on her history of subversive political activism, rhetoric and deceit, but there was no talk of violence toward her; unless one thinks some “Hillary for Prison” comments promote force.

In fact, except for the first few paragraphs of Buckland’s long article—as a setup for the misleading editorial headlines—most of his report was accurate. And six other StarNews reporters gave fair accounts of the event and interviews without creating inflammatory statements.

The StarNews editorial staff and publisher have a long history of leftist views; as do editorial staffs of most of the major news outlets in the U. S.

Fortunately, there are many alternative news sources in talk radio, journals, books and nonprofit groups we can access that counteract the distortions, lies, and deception supported by the ideological left dominating the daily news cycles.

Also it’s understandable that media people hate Mr. Trump because he publicly calls them out as being “the World’s most dishonest people”—less trustworthy even than Hillary Clinton.

But it will take an educated, rational public to understand who is telling the truth—a rather dismal prospect in this Facebook society.

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Cultural attacks on Christian values

Media alert us to a few days coverage of frequent violence by Islamic terrorists who launch suicidal attacks against Western civilization. But while we are fixated on these dramatic short news-cycles (and current political theater), even more insidious dangerously evil forces work—beyond the interest of the mainstream press—to undermine our Christian heritage in America. Our culture is being sold out literally by evil marketers.

Previously at this site I’ve mentioned the brilliantly insightful book “The Marketing of Evil” by David Kupelian. Every American who values our culture should read it. Donald E. Wildmon, chairman and founder of the American Family Association has written about the book: “If you want to solidify your Christian worldview—or just understand what the culture war is all about—you owe it to yourself to read (Kupelian’s book).” I agree.

Many Americans easily fall for the messages of “good is evil and evil is good.” Our children are losing analytical skills and critical thinking through social justice indoctrination and all- ideas- have-equal-value propaganda taught in our schools by Marxist ideologues and activists.

Meanwhile subversive organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union scheme continuously to weaken our culture. Alan Sears president and CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom writes: the “ACLU relentlessly continues to wage its campaign to force religious faith and religious expression behind closed doors…few other organizations have done more to undermine America’s Judeo-Christian foundation.” And the Obama administration supports many of its positions.

The ACLU has been operating for almost 100 years in the States. It has nearly 200 lawyers working with thousands of volunteers “relentlessly to reshape America according to its anti-Christian agenda.”

The ruling-class, political agenda activists, radical ideologues, and phony experts operate in many generally unknown organizations—in corrupt ways—disguised as promoting “civil rights.” Many receive government grants and subsidies to work against our overall best interests.

For example the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and ACT UP get millions of taxpayers’ dollars to lobby for special homosexual job “rights,” support same-sex marriage, bring lawsuits to intimidate Christian business people, and push their agenda in classrooms to indoctrinate our children that homosexuality is “moral, natural and good.”

But as destructive as some of these cultural perversions are, the most imminently threatening our way of life is Islam with its subversive groups operating within our homeland. A major player is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); a front for the international Muslim Brotherhood, documented by the FBI.

According to an article titled “Stealth Jihad in America” by Leo Hohmann, published in the July issue of Whistleblower magazine, CAIR was named as a co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial held in Texas in 2007-08. Mr. Hohmann writes: This case involved “the largest and most successful terror-financing” operation ever tried in America. Yet, it was “mysteriously shut down by the Obama Justice Department in 2009.” Strangely, CAIR is “treated with the utmost respect and credibility by establishment media.”

Worse, our elected officials have failed to expose the dangers we face from “stealth jihad” by apologists who claim violent jihadists have nothing to do with Islam (with the exception of former congresswomen Minnesota’s Michele Bachman and North Carolina’s Sue Myrick).

Hohmann reports that the Obama administration allows the “legal immigration of more than 120,000 migrants from Shariah-compliant Muslim countries every year”—more than 1.5 million had been admitted since 1990 under Democrat and Republican administrations. And they immediately qualify for all federal welfare programs. Furthermore, about 2,500 mosques have opened in the U. S. during the past 15 years—contributing to the radicalization of many young men. Not surprising, these mosques are “funded largely by Saudi Arabia.”

Scholars who understand what’s happening within Islam warn us of Muslim immigration doctrine (al-hijra): “building a fifth column of anti-American immigrants who prefer shariah law over U. S. law”—key to the Muslim Brotherhoods “long-term strategy to transform America” (remember Obama’s words) subjugating our laws and religions to Islamic law.

Dr. Mark Christian, a former Egyptian Muslim, warns that Muslims exploit our liberal immigration policies and “work relentlessly through various Islamic front groups to pressure government, education and religious institutions to make endless concessions to Islam.” The violent Muslims spread fear while the stealth jihadists promote Islam as a “religion of peace” to gullible Americans.

The ACLU, supported by CAIR, has 13 lawsuits pending against the U. S. immigration service alleging “bias” toward Muslim immigrants wanting green cards and citizenship. But, under the current administration Muslims who want entrance to America are favored. Christians are not welcome. And those of us who speak out against stealth jihad are labeled racist and Islamophobic.

If we become afraid to defend traditional American values and culture, our republic is doomed.

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