Liberal fascists

It’s tempting to let one incident project into a broader assumption about a social problem, especially in the heat of the current American political season—bad feelings prevail throughout the voting population. Few of us feel optimistic about our future federal government regardless our choice of presidential candidate or party affiliation, for that matter.

Still, the recent firebombing of an Orange County, North Carolina Republican headquarters and the threatening message left is disturbing: “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.” That county is a liberal bastion; location of the UNC-Chapel Hill campus and “overwhelmingly Democratic.” It’s logical to assume guilt by location.

Of course, the people responsible for this violent, dangerous act do not represent all Democrats or their party. They do show, however, the irrationality and ignorance of some of them and the danger they pose to others who they target as political enemies. But these violent activities virtually always associate with the radical liberal Left: targeting police; urban shootings; looting; destroying property; personal attacks by radical protesters at Trump rallies, and other lawlessness.

In the North Carolina GOP firebombing case, I’m amused by the historical ignorance displayed in the graffiti on the adjacent building: “Nazi Republicans.” History shows that the German Nazi Party was Social Democrat; and Hitler was a revolutionary. Jonah Goldberg’s 2007 book, “Liberal Fascism” documents the American Left back to European fascism personified in Mussolini and Hitler.

Since World War II Leftists have used the word Fascism for all political ideas they don’t like. Goldberg writes that “fascist” is a modern word for “heretic.” Hollywood writers have used “Brown shirt” and “Nazi” interchangeably with “fascist”—referring to everything from school choice to baseball strikeouts.

Real life radical Leftists such as Charlie Rangel ridiculously labeled the GOP 1990s Contract with America “more extreme than Nazism.” (They also like to call their traditional domestic enemies “extreme,” while in historical context their thinking and actions are far beyond normal.) In 2000 Bill Clinton called the Texas GOP platform a “fascist tract.” Most bizarrely, Leftist academics label the GOP a “fascist party” and claim that Christian conservatives are the “new Nazis.”  Radical racist Jesse Jackson tried to link the American Christian Coalition to Nazi German.

But just who are the real fascists in America?

Goldberg notes that liberals historically use militarism as a social philosophy and “the source of moral values” (but accuse defense-minded conservatives of being “hawkish”). Franklin Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps and John F. Kennedy’s Peace Corp were socialist armies organized to create the “ideal worker’s democracy.” Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” and the “war on drugs” (both lost) are examples of liberal fascistic militarism.

Racism is also historically tied to Hitler’s form of national socialist fascism. But liberals promote racism against whites and embrace fascistic racist tactics used by blacks. Goldberg asks, “why not equate Nazism and, say, Afrocentrism?” Afrocentric fascist movements such as The Nation of Islam, The Black Panthers, and Black Lives Matter are violent, militaristic racist groups as is the National Council of La Raza (“The Race”) and the radical Hispanic Group MEChA (“Everything for the race, nothing outside the race”).

Strangely, in America we observe anti-Semitism on the Left; “Zionism equals racism.” The Israelis are being equated to Nazis—a complete distortion of history. And somehow the Left has shifted allegiance from Christianity to fascistic Islam.

All this indicates, to me, that Leftists have no philosophical integrity—no moral, traditional principles that guide their thinking and policies. They will support any form of social evil and failed political system thinking it will advance their collectivist ends:  The “New Deal,” a welfare state, uncontrolled abortion, eugenics, civil violence, rejection of law and order, redefinition of marriage, subversion of our constitutional government, the religion of environmentalism, Obamacare, affirmative action, multiculturalism,  public housing, Marxism, Communism, the Great Society, crisis promotion by pseudoscience (global warming), Islamic terrorism, “collective action” (globalism), “deconstruction” (literary criticism), and, of course, fascism.

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The hypocritical hysteria about sex talk

The hysteria of the Left about some long ago private sex (“locker room”) talk by Donald Trump and his buddies and the generated media frenzy is juvenile and laughable—another example of why these pathetic people have little credibility and can’t be taken seriously. But they know how to market evil and have been very successful at selling it to the American public.

David Kupelian wrote the book on this ugly tactic to corrupt the minds of citizens and purge our Judeo-Christian culture from society. No modern American adult should be surprised at anyone—male or female—using words, formerly thought of as “vulgar,” in casual conversations. We can’t get away from it. And the cultural Marxists encourage and support it.

Sexual language and activities are everywhere displayed on TV, magazines (“Hot Sex Tips”), advertisements, books, in “adult” stores and in theaters. We are inundated with sex. Sexual-potency drugs are a multi-billion dollar industry (“Will you be ready?”). Attractive, enticing women work to market the products to men.

Then, there’s “salacious condom demonstrations in public school classrooms”, and “Vagina Monologues” offered in “higher education” institutions. Kupelian reported in 2005 that there were 4.2 million pornographic websites. “Studies reveal that acts of sexual violence (not talk) are commonly linked to pornography and the numbers of victims are massive.”

The Leftists have long supported sexual revolution, promiscuity and rejected Christian principles of morality. And now they feign shock at some words uttered in private about sex? Give us a break!

Of course, some Republicans who also dislike Mr. Trump were quick to condemn him for using a few common terms referring to women’s anatomy and their sexual attractiveness to him. So what?

I don’t recall any media outcries and indignation from Democrat women and feminists when Bill Clinton actually performed weird carnal acts with a young intern’s anatomy in the White House while president; and was accused of rape and taking sexual liberties with several older women.

Well, such is politics in modern corrupt, immoral America.

As Trump has pointed out many times Mrs. Clinton obsesses with talk about her failed Marxist plans. He knows that these schemes always do more damage to our culture and economy than good, for example Obamacare, open Southern borders and Muslim migration.

Democrat hypocrites routinely lie about their opponents carrying out devious, destructive and immoral activities that they actually plan and perpetrate (e.g. the recent firebombing of a GOP office in North Carolina). The diversion tactic to drum up media hysteria against Trump’s minor improprieties is clearly that—to avoid the real and imminent social problems we face with a Mrs. Clinton administration.

Reasonable, thinking people will ignore sex talk and focus on the actions she plans to finish the cultural and economic destruction of our country started by the Obama administration.

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Local politics and racism

Democrat political operative Walt de Vries writes for the StarNews Media arguing to reverse its policy not to endorse political candidates. Essentially, he wants to add their biases to increase “the voting of minorities (read Democrat voters).” He hopes that editors will “interpret” facts and “political reality” for them.

According to Mr. de Vries “voters need all the help they can get.” Translation: We need to make sure blacks vote for Democrats.

His theory indicates that because Republicans eliminated “straight party ticket” voting in North Carolina “behavioral Democrats (black voters)…are unwilling or unable to make decisions all the way down the ballot.” Thus, they “despair of such onerous, tiring tasks and just stop voting.”

His “research” shows that making “voters split their tickets in North Carolina adds around 2-3 percent to some Republican candidates totals.”

Let’s get this convoluted thinking straight: According to de Vries’ reasoning black people in North Carolina who only vote Democrat are not willing or able to determine which candidates they are supposed to vote for unless they have a ballot that lists only Democrats.

So, frustrated with decision-making, and apparently with no way to be shown who they are expected to vote for, they just don’t vote. This skews the results to Republican candidates because their voters can determine who they want to vote for.

Thus, de Vries argues, StarNews editors must again endorse candidates to assure that local blacks will vote Democrat.

Seems to me this attitude is insulting and demeaning to black people. And it shows that Democrats are the true racists among us; believing that these people are not smart enough to know how to choose political candidates without directions from white folks.

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Insulting the public

American journalists reach for new language lows that insult the intelligence of their readers. Recent comments by Fox News Shepard Smith give us another example. Admonishing us on the pending arrival of Hurricane Matthew near the East Coast Smith said that Fox News would not cover the funerals of people who died because they wouldn’t heed government warnings to evacuate the area.

I’m embarrassed to have the same name as this arrogant fool, but I’m sure he is not related to my family. Aside from the fact that Smith’s comment was inappropriate as journalism, it insulted people who make decisions based on their own judgment and best interest. Americans are not sheep to be herded around by bureaucrats and reporters that dutifully follow their dictates.

Each of us adults facing these events gathers and process information we need to make the crucial decision about our personal safety. We talk to family and neighbors, we read news reports; we watch the non-stop (often exaggerated) reports on TV and radio; we rely on experience (my wife and I have survived six hurricanes and numerous tropical storms here near the North Carolina coast in the past twenty years. In the one case when we evacuated, we and our neighbors faced more hazards than if we had stayed home); and we judge the credibility and motives of the people who claim they are trying to protect us—we know that most of the “ruling class” and media are self-serving .

We don’t need government agents and media mavens to lecture us as though we are children or wards of the state. It’s appalling that these people presume we are too stupid to take care of ourselves. We need information, but we don’t want their unsolicited advice.

Unfortunately, Americans are rapidly buying into the threats of a liberty-denying nanny-state: government agents and media surrogates tell us where it’s best for us to live, work and play; where our children should be schooled and how to seat them in an automobile; what we should eat and drink; and even with whom we should associate and what to think. Entire federal and State agencies, set up to control our social and work activities, proliferate and pump out propaganda through the “advertising council” daily over the radio.

The pompous public asses who presume to know how we should act and think should manage their own lives and stay out of ours. I, for one, resent being bullied, coerced, intimidated and threatened by media mouths and directorates.

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White guilt and ‘the race thing’

People with white guilt carry the banner of “racism” so others will follow their pathetic and confused state of mind. They march with shame believing that they are responsible for the irresponsibility of others. Another example of this mistaken conscience-stricken attitude appeared recently in “Tar Heel Voices” published in a Wilmington StarNews OPINION page. (Link below)

Tim White, (is he ashamed of his last name?) editorial page editor of the Fayetteville Observer, begins his remorse with quotes from two innocent political people (Republicans, of course):  One said that protesters in Charlotte, North Carolina “hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not.” And, a Donald Trump operative in Ohio said, “If you’re black and you haven’t been successful in the last 50 years, it’s your own fault.”

To guilt-ridden liberals the truth is offensive. Surprisingly though, even Mr. White admitted, “There are elements of truth in what each of them said.” But he criticized them for not fully understanding “this country’s centuries-long inability to deal with race.” According to his understanding of this problem blacks have to jump high hurdles while whites “step over little speed bumps” to enjoy a good living and a good life in the US of A.

White believes his “fellow Caucasian” suffers from “racial cluelessness” because of what he said about the black rioters in Charlotte.

That bucket holds few tears for the hundreds of thousands of well-dressed black people with good-paying jobs that can be observed daily shopping in nice stores, driving new cars, carrying expensive electronics and dining in fine restaurants—even “poor” blacks in America live better than they could anywhere else on earth.

Like everyone else—black or white—not living a “good life” in America, personal temporary setbacks and bad decisions cause their problems—not “white privilege.” Even many black people realize that that excuse has run its course in the profitable race industry. It’s time to face facts and tell the truth.

Mr. White and many other sorry whites assume blacks as victims, unable to deal with the rigors of life everyone must eventually face without government assistance. That is racism—looking on these people as mentally inferior. And the liberal white racists support government programs that perpetuate apparatchik hand-out schemes resulting in dysfunctional urban black societies.

Thus, millions of blacks have been led to urban plantations where they now depend on bureaucratic subsidies replacing the dignity inherent in self-support with anger and resentment. Further, this authority-driven lifestyle destroys family structures leaving young men with no male guidance and support; leading to gang activities, disrespect for law and order, and lives of violent crime.

But White seems clueless about any of that; instead he washes over the dark side of racial reality with “white privilege”—somehow an embarrassment to him and a slur on the rest of us. He admonishes us to “take honest stock of the breaks you’ve gotten in life.”

The assumption that whites “should take honest stock,” but blacks need not, insults both races.

While Mr. White-Guilt laments the question, “When will we ever get the ‘race thing’ right?” I believe that his mistaken liberal attitude and resulting support for guilt-ridden “progressive” actions have contributed to getting the ‘race thing’ wrong—very wrong.

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Radical Colored People group profits from social agitation

NAACP’s Barber Displays Contradictions

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Fighting the political Left

North Carolina is sometimes called a political “battleground” State—no single candidate or party has overwhelming support in securing the State’s electoral college votes. In recent years that word applies more literally because of many relentless attacks by radical leftist/liberal/progressive groups against our conservative State officials and citizens.

These folks have been the targets of vulgar street demonstrations, press editorials distorting facts, and irrational hatred from hordes of organized, well-funded social agitators.

Marxist and fascist activist groups outnumber politically conservative ones in this State by about 10 to 1. Add to that the largely left-leaning press editors in North Carolina’s largest cities, and out-of-state activists that often rally to “progressive” causes on-call from radical regional and national self-serving pressure groups—thus, it would seem, conservative Tar Heels have little chance to prevail with State policies that favor common sense and responsible laws.

Yet, amazingly, in recent years they have—and the psychogenic Left hates them for it.

One resident conservative group stands tall against the hateful and deceptive tactics of the Left—the Civitas Institute ( located in Raleigh. It offers the most straightforward and courageous opposition to cultural socialists of any conservative organization in North Carolina—partly because its president is a no-nonsense retired Marine Corps Colonel, Francis X. DeLuca.

In a recent email to Civitas members Col. DeLuca had a few choice words about the lecherous Left: “Civitas is at the tip of the spear in the fight against the Left’s distortion of the facts.” DeLuca, commented on the disinformation evident from Civitas polls fed to many likely voters in North Carolina about taxes and education spending: “These numbers are not only shocking, but show just how powerful liberal media bias can be, and how desperate the Left is to regain their stranglehold on power.” DeLuca went on:

“Every major newspaper in the state, led by the Raleigh News & Observer (and) the Charlotte Observer has deliberately distorted the truth on tax cuts and education spending. Every major news outlet, led by WRAL, has consistently ignored the facts when it comes to the accomplishments of the state legislature in the past several years.”

The facts of which DeLuca writes:

People polled by Civitas show that 41 percent believe income taxes have gone up while they have actually gone down; almost 50 percent think overall taxes have gone up but in reality they have decreased; 38 percent think K-12 education spending has decreased, in fact it has increased dramatically; 26 percent think teacher pay has decreased, but it is the highest in State history.

Col. DeLuca reminds us that media bias is a powerful force in shaping public opinion and that it does influence the outcomes of our elections. In my opinion, it has become an evil power that makes it difficult to keep government, at all levels, under reasonable control.

For those who believe government must be limited from interfering with our lives, curtailing our liberties and stealing our property, Civitas is an organization worthy of our support.

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