Blatant press bias

Recently, we witnessed one of the most flagrant, shameless examples of media political bias  toward a candidate for president of the United States in our memory. My wife Barbara and I, both in our 80s, attended a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina held on August 9, 2016 to support Republican candidate Donald Trump. We are politically traditional conservatives and believe that Trump is our only hope to defend the U. S. against corrupt establishment politicians that now control the federal government.

We walked for an hour in “real feel” 100 degree temperatures with thousands of southeastern North Carolinians to get seats in the University of North Carolina Trask Coliseum sponsored by college Republican students.

By 1 p.m. the facility was filled with an estimated 6,000 supporters and a small number of hecklers—Trump correctly calls them “haters.” Thousands more supporters couldn’t get in, but waited outside. All the Trump people we saw were excited, enthusiastic and cheerful. Across the street from the entrance I counted about 50 protesters behind a police fence. The next day a Time Warner “reporter” said that they numbered “thousands.”

Predictably, the August 10th front page headline in the Wilmington StarNews announced Trump suggests taking up arms against Clinton. We had carefully listened to the entire comments by Mr. Trump and heard no such suggestion. Above the lead report by staff writer Tim Buckland the subhead read, “Calls for advocates to challenge court nominees.”

Mr. Buckland quoted what Trump said about our constitutional right to “bear arms”: “If (Clinton) gets to pick her (supreme Court) judges, nothing you can do folks; although the second amendment people maybe there is, I don’t know.” Naturally, Buckland added his incendiary commentary: “It was the latest in a series of controversial statements by the Republican nominee that sparked outrage.”

This was not “controversial” to those of us who understand the constitutional issue, and of course the scintillating “outrage” came from a Clinton campaign manager anxious to help the compliant press create more negative news about Mr. Trump, “What Trump is saying is dangerous.”

Thousands of North Carolinians who support our constitutional rights see Mrs. Clinton as dangerous to our republic based on her history of subversive political activism, rhetoric and deceit, but there was no talk of violence toward her; unless one thinks some “Hillary for Prison” comments promote force.

In fact, except for the first few paragraphs of Buckland’s long article—as a setup for the misleading editorial headlines—most of his report was accurate. And six other StarNews reporters gave fair accounts of the event and interviews without creating inflammatory statements.

The StarNews editorial staff and publisher have a long history of leftist views; as do editorial staffs of most of the major news outlets in the U. S.

Fortunately, there are many alternative news sources in talk radio, journals, books and nonprofit groups we can access that counteract the distortions, lies, and deception supported by the ideological left dominating the daily news cycles.

Also it’s understandable that media people hate Mr. Trump because he publicly calls them out as being “the World’s most dishonest people”—less trustworthy even than Hillary Clinton.

But it will take an educated, rational public to understand who is telling the truth—a rather dismal prospect in this Facebook society.

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Cultural attacks on Christian values

Media alert us to a few days coverage of frequent violence by Islamic terrorists who launch suicidal attacks against Western civilization. But while we are fixated on these dramatic short news-cycles (and current political theater), even more insidious dangerously evil forces work—beyond the interest of the mainstream press—to undermine our Christian heritage in America. Our culture is being sold out literally by evil marketers.

Previously at this site I’ve mentioned the brilliantly insightful book “The Marketing of Evil” by David Kupelian. Every American who values our culture should read it. Donald E. Wildmon, chairman and founder of the American Family Association has written about the book: “If you want to solidify your Christian worldview—or just understand what the culture war is all about—you owe it to yourself to read (Kupelian’s book).” I agree.

Many Americans easily fall for the messages of “good is evil and evil is good.” Our children are losing analytical skills and critical thinking through social justice indoctrination and all- ideas- have-equal-value propaganda taught in our schools by Marxist ideologues and activists.

Meanwhile subversive organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union scheme continuously to weaken our culture. Alan Sears president and CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom writes: the “ACLU relentlessly continues to wage its campaign to force religious faith and religious expression behind closed doors…few other organizations have done more to undermine America’s Judeo-Christian foundation.” And the Obama administration supports many of its positions.

The ACLU has been operating for almost 100 years in the States. It has nearly 200 lawyers working with thousands of volunteers “relentlessly to reshape America according to its anti-Christian agenda.”

The ruling-class, political agenda activists, radical ideologues, and phony experts operate in many generally unknown organizations—in corrupt ways—disguised as promoting “civil rights.” Many receive government grants and subsidies to work against our overall best interests.

For example the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and ACT UP get millions of taxpayers’ dollars to lobby for special homosexual job “rights,” support same-sex marriage, bring lawsuits to intimidate Christian business people, and push their agenda in classrooms to indoctrinate our children that homosexuality is “moral, natural and good.”

But as destructive as some of these cultural perversions are, the most imminently threatening our way of life is Islam with its subversive groups operating within our homeland. A major player is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); a front for the international Muslim Brotherhood, documented by the FBI.

According to an article titled “Stealth Jihad in America” by Leo Hohmann, published in the July issue of Whistleblower magazine, CAIR was named as a co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial held in Texas in 2007-08. Mr. Hohmann writes: This case involved “the largest and most successful terror-financing” operation ever tried in America. Yet, it was “mysteriously shut down by the Obama Justice Department in 2009.” Strangely, CAIR is “treated with the utmost respect and credibility by establishment media.”

Worse, our elected officials have failed to expose the dangers we face from “stealth jihad” by apologists who claim violent jihadists have nothing to do with Islam (with the exception of former congresswomen Minnesota’s Michele Bachman and North Carolina’s Sue Myrick).

Hohmann reports that the Obama administration allows the “legal immigration of more than 120,000 migrants from Shariah-compliant Muslim countries every year”—more than 1.5 million had been admitted since 1990 under Democrat and Republican administrations. And they immediately qualify for all federal welfare programs. Furthermore, about 2,500 mosques have opened in the U. S. during the past 15 years—contributing to the radicalization of many young men. Not surprising, these mosques are “funded largely by Saudi Arabia.”

Scholars who understand what’s happening within Islam warn us of Muslim immigration doctrine (al-hijra): “building a fifth column of anti-American immigrants who prefer shariah law over U. S. law”—key to the Muslim Brotherhoods “long-term strategy to transform America” (remember Obama’s words) subjugating our laws and religions to Islamic law.

Dr. Mark Christian, a former Egyptian Muslim, warns that Muslims exploit our liberal immigration policies and “work relentlessly through various Islamic front groups to pressure government, education and religious institutions to make endless concessions to Islam.” The violent Muslims spread fear while the stealth jihadists promote Islam as a “religion of peace” to gullible Americans.

The ACLU, supported by CAIR, has 13 lawsuits pending against the U. S. immigration service alleging “bias” toward Muslim immigrants wanting green cards and citizenship. But, under the current administration Muslims who want entrance to America are favored. Christians are not welcome. And those of us who speak out against stealth jihad are labeled racist and Islamophobic.

If we become afraid to defend traditional American values and culture, our republic is doomed.

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Judicial partisanship in North Carolina


Liberals and their Marxist allies will do anything to discredit our elected majority of legislators and Gov. McCrory in North Carolina, including seeking judges with a leftist agenda to attack our laws and operating within a huge network of subversive groups in and out of our State.

The Civitas Institute courageously pushes back on these slanderous, devious and fallacious attempts to undermine our majority citizen support of conservative values and laws. The site below makes clear what is going on with corrupt judges and their evil support groups in the case of common sense election laws to help prevent corruption of this important system.

The Partisan Effort behind Federal Court Voter ID Ruling

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Political intentions and historical distortions

The major take away from this election is that (liberals) hate (Southerners); they have always hated us; their Federal Empire was created by those who used bloody bayonets to destroy our right to be left alone and live in a country based upon the consent of the governed. They and their cronies are now America’s ruling elite—both Republican and Democrat—who enjoy the perks, privileges and power of those who control the Federal Empire. This Federal empire stands with its foot upon the neck, i.e., the liberty and freedom, of its subjects—a people who are considered too small to count (while the Empire’s cronies are too big to fail). Let us all remember that those who hate us have placed us in their political cage—a cage they control and from which we are not allowed to leave. If you cannot leave, then you are not free!

__ From “The South Hating Business” by James Ronald Kennedy

Recently, I watched the “documentary” film “Hillary’s America” produced and narrated by Dinesh D’Souza. D’Souza intended to show that the modern Democrat Party is not what its supporters claim it to be. Rather it has a long history of vile and evil acts including, of course, the worst one—slavery. Although the film included many historical events and issues, typically Confederate American history was portrayed as all about racism and oppression of black people.

In his search for answers about the modern Democrat Party and his zeal to present it in its current form, D’Souza has disjoined American history. He distorted the lives of Andrew Jackson and John Calhoun, and failed to provide context of events, especially for the Reconstruction period after the War for Southern Independence.

For example, the KKK was formed in response to the Union League of the Republican Party established to turn former slaves against Southern whites, replace their political system with unelected cronies and protect their financial interests. (Link below)

Some might say D’Souza’s lack of American historical knowledge is understandable because he is an immigrant from India. Of course, that could be said as well of many native Americans.

But he is bright, literate, an accomplished author—and clearly an American patriot. D’Souza could have presented Southern American history with less distortion and more context.

Most important, there is no ideological connection between the modern Democrat Party and Southern Democrats of even fifty years ago. Southern Democrats were loyal Americans, today people with anti-American views of our culture and economy rule the Party.

Except for slavery (which was legal in all American States prior to 1865), Southern history and culture was the model of America from the first war for American independence to the 1960s; revered by most Americans.

Lincoln’s disastrous and unnecessary war against the Southern States destroyed the unity that once held America together and started us on the road to imperialism and oppressive central government control of all aspects of our lives.

After the war the Republican Party further alienated the Southern people by its vindictive and exploitive activities against them.

Ironically, most people in Southern States now support the Republican Party because the radical left—anti-American, lawless Marxists—now controls the corrupt, subversive Democrat Party.

D’Souza has provided a public service showing how Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party have damaged our economy, foreign relations and culture. Still it’s disappointing that he didn’t spend time on a more complete American history and less on dramatic distortions of it.


The Union League of the Republican Party

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Activist judges with political agenda

Civitas President Calls Fourth Circuit Voter ID Decision “Outrageous”

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Free college for slackers

Hillary Clinton’s New College “Reforms”

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Giving away our money

I’ve previously said this, politicians have an erroneous propensity to violate fiducial responsibilities by giving away the public’s money—confiscated by the police power of the state—to charities that they arbitrarily decide deserve it more than those who earned it.

This is not only contemptibly disdainful of their constituents, but highly unethical. Private parties having a relationship of trust or responsibility in obligations to others could face criminal charges should they give away money entrusted to them. Yet, time after time we read about governments at all levels willfully handing out public funds to private charities and business interests.

A recent example of this foul political practice appeared in an article by Hunter Ingram and Adam Wagner in the July 5, 2016 print issue of the Wilmington, North Carolina StarNews (not available online). Of course it’s business-as-usual for the New Hanover County commissioners and the Wilmington City Council. They annually pass on our money to “a lengthy list of agencies competing for a limited pool of money”—as though it was from their own personal piggy bank.

For example, in its current budget the county commissioners generously funded 37 “nonprofits” with $1.13 million of taxpayer’s hard earned money; the liberal city council “spread nearly $1.6 million across 42 agencies” (one reason city taxes are double what they are in the county).

Government managers bring the requests (including their own favorites) to our local legislators. Five councilors and five commissioners decide who gets how much. Few question the reason they are presented with this unnecessary, immoral spending. Often the politicians have a too-cozy relationship with the recipients of their charitable spirit.

County commission Chairwomen, Beth Dawson, justifies this cronyism with political jargon. Quoted in the article, she said, “it is important for commissioners to fill a seat on a number of boards to make sure the body as a whole remains aware of what local organizations contribute to the county and how, if possible, the county can help.”

We don’t care what a handful of local politicians think nongovernment agencies “contribute,” but we do care when they decide to give them our money. It’s unconscionable.

Woody White, one of only two conservative and responsible members of the Board, recognizes and reveals this scam. White said, “(A)n organization can receive more attention if a commissioner serves on its board and has formed a relationship….” Of course, commissioners become advocates of these factions rather than watchdogs over our money.

All the “agencies” have narrow self-interests, and many can’t survive without public money. It should be unethical for public officials responsible to all the citizens to serve these ad hoc groups; clearly a conflict of interest.

Yet most of our politicians and bureaucrats are more interested in the “process” of handing out money than the ethics of it. Chris Coudriet, county manager, explained that candidates for funding must explain in detail their mission and show how they “serve one of the county’s stated priorities.” Wilmington Mayor Saffo said, “I think the process is very thorough.”

But the process is irrelevant because the thinking is flawed. Our legislators stretch government’s “mission” way beyond its purpose to include payoffs for arts, sports, entertainment, social clubs and old downtown private business interests.

What are some of the activities presumed to deserve our money without our votes?

StarNews reporters list the “Top 5 organizations funded” by the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County politicians based on the 2016-17 budgets:

  • City- Thalian Hall Center for Performing Arts:   $132,664
  •          Wilmington Regional Film Commission:    $121,890
  •          Good Shepherd Ministries:                             $117,523
  •          Wilmington Business Development:            $100,000
  •          UNC Wilmington Track:                                  $100,000
  • County- Wilmington Business Development:      $193,093
  •                 UNC Wilmington Track:                           $167,000
  •                 Wilmington Film Commission:               $120,620
  •                 Coastal Horizons Center:                          $100,000
  •                 Wilmington Downtown, Inc.:                   $ 65,000


If anyone reading this can make the case that these activities help protect our safety, liberties and property—the legitimate functions of government—please do so. As for me, it’s improper that these unscrupulous people give our money away to their favorite charities and business connections. They wrongly claim to represent we (all) the people.


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