Who are the real fascists?

Okay. It’s time to revisit Jonah Goldberg’s book, “Liberal Fascism, The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning.” The word fascism has been so frequently flung around and misused that it has no meaning or, at least, its meaning is confused.  But that won’t stop Leftists from slandering everyone to their right with the word, as Mr. Goldberg writes. In fact, some scholars say that there is no definition of the word.

My dictionary defines fascism: n. a political philosophy advocating a system of government marked by a totalitarian dictator, socioeconomic controls, oppression of the opposition, and usually a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

Incidentally, Goldberg also says that fascism is not the same as Nazism, but Progressivism was a sister movement of fascism. The one commonality with all these “isms” is a totalitarian government. Goldberg argues that American liberalism is a “totalitarian political religion.” Totalitarian is dictionary-defined as: being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life—the ultimate goal of fascistic busy-bodies that some of us call cultural- Marxists.

Anyway, Goldberg makes the case in his more than 400-page book, with over 50 pages of references, that historically all these terms apply to the left-wing of political philosophy and cannot legitimately be hung on conservatives and classic liberals.

Fascists see “no realm of human life” that is not political. They sponsor the “nanny-state.” They are united for a “powerful state to coordinate society at the national or global level.” Most of all they believe—what Goldberg calls totalitarian temptation—that with the right amount of tinkering we can realize the utopian dream of “creating a better world” (their concocted manmade climate change and schemes to mitigate it are examples).

This is much more than an academic discussion; threats from these fascists are real and imminent. Many radicals show signs of irrationality, hostility and violent action. Goldberg writes: “The white male is the Jew of liberal fascism.”

Black supremacists believe the key to solving their social dysfunctions “is to abolish the white race.” A Bernie Sanders (Socialist) supporter recently hunted and shot Republican congressmen peacefully playing ball in a park in Virginia. Communists pulled down a Confederate statue in Durham, N. C.  Black supremacists assassinated police in Dallas, Texas and several other cities; gangs of armed thugs dressed in black with face masks attack peaceful rallies and civil discussions on American college campuses. The list goes on.

Personally, I like the term cultural- Marxism, a.k.a. political correctness and multiculturalism. This evil activity started about one-hundred years ago in Europe. An Italian, Antonio Gramsci, and Hungarian, Georg Lukacs, both Marxists, came up with the idea that because economic-Marxism hadn’t worked out, Western culture and the Christian religion had to be destroyed.

Even Mussolini, the father of fascism, couldn’t tolerate this and threw Gramsci in prison. Lukacs went to Germany to work at a think-tank called the Institute of Marxism. Established at Frankfort University (1923) it became known as the Frankfort School. Two other Marxists, Wilhelm Reich (any relation to Robert Reich?) and Erich Fromm had the Freudian idea that we in Western culture lived in a constant “state of repression, from which (we) must be liberated.”

In 1933, when Hitler came to power, the Institute moved to New York City (Columbia University?). It began a series of “Studies in Prejudice.” The Marxists argued that every aspect of bourgeois society was based on “prejudice” and had to be criticized relentlessly; called “critical theory.”

Another Marxist “intellectual,” Theodor Adorno, helped on this project. He wrote an influential book titled The Authoritarian Personality. Adorno concluded that all traditional ways of believing and behaving are “fascist.”

So now we know how these subversives got here. Their fellow travelers are deeply embedded in all of our educational institutions. Mr. Lind writes (see below), “Cultural Marxism’s death grip on education, both in the public schools and in the universities ensures that it has been pumped into succeeding generations (since the Baby Boomers) as well.”

This fascinating history came from an article in the September 2017 issue of Chronicles magazine titled, “The Poison and the Antidote, by William S. Lind. (Link below)



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Slavery commission report (a parody)

Washington| The final report of the Slavery Commission established by Congress in 2017 was released this week. The Congressional Black Caucus formed a 20-member group made up of prominent black politicians chaired by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Cal.

Every Democrat in Congress and most Republicans had voted for a bill to approve the commission. Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., has proposed this legislation in every Congress during the past 25 years. The commission was set up to consider reparations to be paid to African-Americans.

Al Sharpton, a member of the commission, said, “It’s a response to the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity of slavery in the United States. We just won’t tolerate it anymore and we want our money.”

Under the bill’s mandates the commission would “examine the possibilities of reparations” and also demand that the U. S. government apologize for the “racial and economic discrimination against African-Americans.”

The commission found that 4 million Africans were enslaved in the U. S. from 1619 to 1865. Members were surprised to learn that nearly all slaves were imported to New England. In Africa they traded rum and cheap trinkets to tribal chiefs who captured other tribes and sold them to the ship’s captains. Arab Muslims were also heavily involved in the slave trade, as they are today.

The executive summary released to the press showed, after examining “the entire history of slavery,” that the U. S. government should apologize for slavery and reparations should be paid to current black citizens.

President Trump said, “We have received the report and will analyze the recommendations. But, I can tell you, it will be a cold day in hell before I will authorize an apology and reparations for slavery that none of us currently living had anything to do with. The buck stops here and so does this stupid recommendation.”

Maxine Waters immediately went on MSNBC and called for Trump’s impeachment.

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What’s the matter with these people?

Leadership in the Republican Party seems to be dominated with cowardly wimps who prostrate themselves every time some Loony Lefty screams “racism.” They grovel and beg forgiveness even as they are not guilty—except for being the Party of Lincoln.

In fact, I’m beginning to suspect that racism has faded away in America. Like Nazi the word is now so overused that it has lost all meaning. Anyway there are only an infinitesimal number of so-called racists and neo-Nazis in this country. And they have not been honestly interviewed about their beliefs. Maybe some with that label are actually true American patriots. Who knows?

Leftists have no valid arguments against, or knowledge of, the beliefs of the majority conservative people in America. So they resort to slanderous comments, false accusations, personal smears; even violent acts—techniques used by Marxists and followers of Saul Alinsky. And remember, Nazis were National Socialists.

Incidentally, racism is partly defined as, “The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability….” Isn’t that what we’ve been told about blacks in America for decades: white people can’t represent them because they are different? They even have a “black caucus” in Congress.  And isn’t this the basis for federal and State policies that favor blacks with “affirmative action” in jobs, housing, education, etc.?

Why? Because, presumably, they haven’t the ability to compete with white people. Now doesn’t that confirm the other part of the definition of racism—that “a particular race is superior to others.” Ironically, this leads to the conclusion that most Republicans don’t believe in racial differences, and Democrats do. Who are the real racists?

If racism exists, it’s stacked in favor of the people who try to pin that label on their political opponents. For example, a tiny number of white supremacists in America have become a big target. But they hold no power. And that reminds me: supremacists are not the same as nationalists despite interchangeable use of the words by the media.

A supremacist is one who believes that a certain group should be greatest in power or authority. They could be white or black people—apparently we have both kinds of supremacists in this country, but you would never know it based on press reports.  A nationalist is one devoted to the interests or culture of his nation—a patriot. I consider myself devoted to American culture—black or white, so should we all–if we call ourselves Americans.

In a recent poll two-thirds of Republicans agreed with President Trump’s comments during the Charlottesville, Virginia “Unite the Right” rally. One of his several comments blamed both sides for violence. Who could argue that? Well, there’s a lot more to this story than has been told in the press. (Link below)

Anyway back to my lead paragraph. Two Associated Press stories printed in the Wilmington StarNews illustrate my point.

At a critical time when Republicans should be feverishly helping President Trump Drain the Swamp in the District of Criminality, they are wasting time chasing Democrat race-baiters down their smeary weasel holes.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel “made the rounds” last Friday at the RNC convention in Nashville. Her priority was a resolution to denounce “white supremacist groups,” according to an AP report by Thomas Beaumont. The vote “was unanimous.”

Every Republican worth an “establishment” badge in the past weeks has rushed to various media venue to denounce white supremacists. But has anyone heard a Democrat openly condemn black supremacists such as Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers, or the NAACP? Oh, I forgot…only whites can be guilty of racism.

Miss Ronna…wait a minute…Ronna Romney McDaniel? Could she be related to Mitt Romney formerly a contender for President of these once united States? The Romney who lost to Obama because he dared not expose his anti-American, Marxist, Muslim background; the Romney who has been slandering President Trump in public? Maybe she’s some another Romney.

In another AP report by Ken Thomas White House economic advisor Gary Cohn is distressed over “the Charlottesville incident.” He’s been under “enormous pressure” both to resign and to remain in the administration. Apparently, he thought that Trump’s “all sides” comments equated neo-Nazis with “citizens standing up for equality and freedom.”

Mr. Cohn, a Jew, seems to be stricken with paranoia and ignorance. There is evidence that some of those citizens he loves were at Charlottesville (See Link below). They were not, however, there to cause violence, but they had to defend themselves from it, because that rally was manipulated by State Democrat operatives to set up the original organizers for violence caused by Leftist groups and blame for it.

Fortunately, there are a few Republicans with some courage. Back at the RNC, Jeff Hays from Colorado summed it up: “It’s amazing that we have been lured into this argument that we’re not racists… It’s absurd. Why would we feel compelled to do that?

Good question Jeff. I, too, wonder what’s wrong with those people.



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Silent Sam speaks up

The scene: A statue of a young Confederate soldier stands on a monument in McCorkle Place on the University of North Carolina campus at Chapel Hill. A small crowd gathers at the base.

Silent Sam speaks: Hey, y’all down there, I hope you won’t do something stupid. I don’t know why you protest, but I’ve been standing here at my post for over one-hundred years with no complaints.

You know why? I’m here to honor the 321 UNC students who died defending our State against an invading army. Let me ask you something: would you have the courage to take up arms and risk your lives to defend your families, homes and property if a foreign army invaded your State?

Many of us didn’t want to leave the Union that our forefathers fought for; and most of us didn’t own no slaves. But when President Lincoln demanded that our governor raise 75,000 troops to attack our neighbors in South Carolina we seceded from the Union that insisted on war rather than peaceful solutions.

In the end my people—and the Southern black freemen and slaves—lost everything, but those who fought with us knew it was the right and patriotic thing to do. You Southerners, white and black, should honor the sacrifices of your ancestors, instead of allowing others to tear down your history and dishonor them.

I hear talk that this was all about slavery. That ain’t the whole story. The Yankees needed cheap cotton to run their mills up North. Their slave ships populated the American colonies with African slaves. Then they decided to put high tariffs on our cotton to protect their manufactured goods from foreign competition. That caused our Southern farmers to pay more for things we needed.

Big money and power up North did us wrong. They wanted to go to war; we didn’t. We just wanted them to leave us alone. We called it the “War for Southern Independence.” We knew that slavery couldn’t continue; England and other European countries ended slavery without a war. We tried to find a peaceful and practical solution to end it. The abolitionists could have offered compensated emancipation, but all they offered was hatred and vengeance.

You students; don’t take my word for it—go to the library and read about our history or, if you can find an honest history or economics professor, ask him to explain it to you. You’re supposed to be here to learn something instead of protesting things you don’t know nothin’ about.

Back off from my hallowed space and do something constructive with your lives. Go to independent (not government-sponsored) historical web sites and learn what we North Carolinians personally sacrificed to be free of an oppressive federal government.

It didn’t work out well for us but, by damn, I’m proud standing here to remind people of the terrible thing that needlessly tore our country apart.




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Progressive failures

The very fact that white supremacists still exist reminds progressives of their failure to establish a secular utopia here on earth. It also testifies to their failure to grasp the realities of human nature. Both of these things are deeply emotionally devastating to the so-called progressive.

__ Prof. Mike Adams

  Progressive is an inadequate word for emotionally unstable people who can’t face reality. Of course, many of them seem to prefer it to the term Liberal or Marxist. I think the adjective regressive is better: the tendency to regress. Regression in psychology means reverting to “a less mature pattern of feeling or behavior. These people need help to function properly in an advanced society—some of them exhibit immature behavior. Some are dangerous.

As Professor Adams observes (and he’s had a lot of experience with these people on college campuses) they have failed to establish a “secular utopia” and they can’t understand (or accept) the “realities of human nature.” When they try to improve on the human condition with their utopian visions and policies, the result is disasters for humanity—historically it ends with destruction of cultures and death to millions of individual lives.

Karl Marx, a “loser” in his personal life, was obsessed with how he could “free” the workers of the world from “the evils of the rich.” His writings reflected a line from Goethe’s Faust: “Everything that exists deserves to perish.”

Like the current Regressives, Marx claimed to advocate for the “poor and downtrodden.”  In reality he was an “intellectual snob” who despised them. Marx didn’t have the ability to implement his theory. It was the Russian Vladimir Lenin who turned Communist theory into disaster for the Russian people in 1917.

William J. Murray recounts the history of totalitarian revolutions in his book, “Utopian Road to Hell.”

We shouldn’t underestimate the power that these Regressives exert on a multicultural, ill-educated, distracted and confused population. I refer to present day Americans.

Too many of our current generations have been successfully brainwashed with hatred of American traditions, history and cultural values. Anti-American propaganda now controls the thinking of many people some of which carry out their hatred with violence. Good is presented as evil and evil is marketed as good. In many places, especially on college campuses, the “mob mentality” prevails—and feckless administrators cave to the demands of ignorant, pampered anarchists.

Regressives have failed in their ideal, but unworkable visions that must be enforced with totalitarian government.  But their greatest failures are that they don’t understand humanity and can’t face reality.

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Letter to Duke University

President Price:

I’m writing because your public letter about purging Confederate monuments from your campus said you welcomed our “thoughts about how Duke can best address the troubling events of the past few months,”—namely the regional hysteria and violence by groups who hate the Southern people and want to pull down all their historic monuments. Some of your words used academic jargon that, in my opinion, will lead to more conflict and violence.

The people behind this purification do not want to “learn” about our history; they want to rid us of it. And a “more inclusive future” at Duke will simply add fuel to the racial fire, especially if you present a “careful and unvarnished understanding” of our history. We already have a selective and whitewashed—It’s-all-about-slavery—version of the Confederate States of America secession period. That’s why we have the problem now. Unfortunately, the multiculturalism-inspired “hate groups” largely reside on university campuses.

Although I’m not an alumus of Duke I’ve always had respect for your once great university—founded by good Christian people who taught classic higher education and right from wrong. They expected the student body to act and present themselves with civility. My alma mater, Syracuse University, was also founded by Methodists. In the 1950s we were expected to be serious and civil while at the university. The administration and faculty demanded it or we were thrown out.

I was dismayed to learn that thuggish vandals had literally defaced the revered statute of Robert E. Lee in your sacred Chapel. Worse, your cowardly actions in response were unforgivable. Instead of guarding the Chapel and vigorously pursuing the vandals for prosecution, it was reported that you secretly removed the Lee statue late at night and hid it somewhere—after you “saw the emotional reactions across the nation to criticism of Confederate statues.”

It’s not surprising that feelings override conscious effort on your campus. That seems to define “education” in these times.

The only consolation to this feckless behavior is that the image of a great American hero and Southern gentleman is no longer exposed to the desecration, hatred and violence of the kind of people inhabiting your campus.

It’s sad that you choose to appease vandals and allow criminal activity; as though you have no power to provide “safety and security” on your campus—a bad excuse for abdication of responsibility, and a bad example to your student body.

Your vice president for public affairs seemed to indicate that the Duke administration operates in response to coercion, rather than standing for what’s right based on historic American values. He implied that Duke leaders are reluctant to enter the debate about “history and memory…that is raging now across the country.”

Are you aware that we are not in debate; we’re in a cultural war declared by modern Marxists? They irrationally attack those of us who defend our history and culture from which no discussion is allowed.

You can create commissions, seek advice, put exhibits in your library, organize campus conversations, “explore” Duke’s history, teach about “injustice,” and gaze at your “core values,” but, ultimately you have only two choices:

Placate the destructive enemies of America on the Left and let them control you, or have the courage to reject them and follow the principles upon which this country and Duke University were founded.

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Evil is as evil does

Most commentators on the event at Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday—planned to be a peaceful protest about city officials’ arbitrary decision to remove a statue of historically revered General Robert E. Lee—first qualify their virtue by condemning Klan members, “white supremacists,” and neo-Nazis.

Press reporters and commentators rarely define these terms, identify the participants or interview the people to determine their beliefs. But they always assume them to be bad people who “hate” non-whites. Whatever symbols or apparel are shown defines the intent. For example if anyone dares hold a Confederate battle flag, it’s certainly a racist.

The “Unite for Right” rally turned riotous because a larger anti-Right gang showed up to confront the original permitted people. One young man in the estimated gathering of 1500 people did an evil thing resulting in the death of a young woman—for which we hope he will pay dearly. It doesn’t matter who he identifies with.

Some others, unrestrained by the police, engaged in hand-to-hand combat using whatever self-defense tools were available; except guns. If some people had guns, not a shot was reported fired.

I’ve read and heard a lot of accounts of this event, but I still don’t know why the fight started or who threw the first punch—or even who the combatants were. It’s as though all this massive commentary by every political pundit on every news show in the country during the past week came from one source. The accounts I’ve read are suspiciously similar and leave many questions unanswered.

Aside from the racially- charged identifiers thrown around with wild assumptions, who were these people? What were their reasons for being there? What are their values? Why did some of them engage in fighting?  Where were the police?

The mainstream press seems suspiciously uncurious about getting answers to these and other questions. Yet many people presume to discuss this event with little evidence of what they are talking about.

There is no evil in simply gathering and debating your beliefs, or even protesting and fighting to defend yourself. Evil comes from actions that are wrong. At this writing we don’t yet know who was on the wrong side of this rally, but we do know some of the usual suspects based on their previous aggressive and violent activities at other rallies and on college campuses.

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